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Getting Wild…

Yesterday we took advantage of the sunny day, and took a walk to a nearby park for a picnic and George’s first go on a swing (he loved it)…


Since getting back from our holiday (more about that soon) we’ve not gotten out and about much, which makes me very sad. It was lovely to get outside, do some walking (and some sweating!…I wasn’t prepared for how warm it was), eat some food (very high up my list of interests), and have some fun as a family.

It was also the start of 30 Days Wild for us (a few days late, but that’s pretty usual for me). We’ll be doing something “wild” every day of June…just to clarify, that’s something outdoorsy and fresh airy, not dancing on tables in a bar at 3am.

I’m not sure what we’ll be doing today, but at the moment it seems fun (for George) just to blow raspberries on my leg and test out newly emerged teeth…so we’re not in any rush!

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And I Would Walk 500 Miles…


I can hardly believe it, but we’re now in week eleven of 2016…that means there’s only 40 weeks of the year left.

With that in mind (and my previous post) I’ve signed myself up for ViewRanger‘s Walk 500 Miles in 2016 Challenge. If I had the whole year, it’d only be ten miles a week, but at this point I need to do twelve and a half miles a week to stay on target. It’s definitely doable, and I could possibly, maybe, even make it to the 1000 mile mark, but I’m trying to be realistic about what I will actually do. Twenty-five miles a week might be a little high-reaching…

I’ll (hopefully remember to) Tweet my progress!


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