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30 Week Checkup…and…Man It’s HOT…

I’ve already talked about my “higher risk” of gestational diabetes, and the test that comes along with this, as well as the results of my test (low blood sugars and therefore NO diabetes, if you’d rather not go clicking on links).

This was a big thing for me as I really REALLY want to be able to use the Meadow Birth Centre at Worcester Royal hospital for the birth of our baby and to do that I have to be classed as “low-risk” at week 36, and having gestational diabetes would completely write that option off for me.

Last Thursday was my 30 week check-up with the midwife (I have one every 3 weeks at this point) and a chance for me to find out about other test results.

I’d had my blood count done the week before and according to that my iron levels were great. I needed to be over 105, and got a score of 122. I have no idea what those numbers mean but as long as my iron count is above what they need it to be, I am happy. My MW suggested that I could keep it high by eating lots of dark chocolate. Result. The only problem with that is that I have to ALSO keep my BMI below 35 if I want a birth centre birth, and I’m getting closer to that with every mouthful of junk that I eat…

I said before (in a rather meepy blog post) that I had put on three and a half stone. That gave me (at 5 ft 5 inches) a BMI of 31.8. Yikes. In the 17 days that have elapsed since that post I have managed to pile on another half a stone, putting me at a BMI of 32.9.

know I should stop obsessing over it, but I just can’t help it. I have issues with my weight and my size, and I desperately want to be able to use that birth centre. The thing is that I’ve been really good about what I’m eating, and I can’t eat as much as I was because my stomach is a lot more squashed up these days, so it’s really disappointing that I just keep getting bigger and bigger. Lets hope I don’t get much bigger than this…

Other than that, everything else is fine. My blood pressure is fine and the baby seems to be growing and moving well.

30 week check-up successful!

Besides all that, the weather has been causing me a few problems. For one, I just can’t handle the heat. I couldn’t handle it when I was a “normal” size, but now I’m over 14 stone and carrying a child and extra blood I am finding hot weather completely unbearable. We only reached about 27 degrees last week so I’m dreading July and August being hotter.

My second issue with the weather has been my puffy, swollen feet. Water retention sucks ASS.

Luke thinks I’m silly for getting upset about it, and I get that – there’s not much I can do about the swelling (I drink lots of water and do all the appropriate exercises and massages, and I try and put my feet up whenever I can). I should do as he tells me and stress less, but it’s just awful when you look down and see these things on the ends of your legs. I know what my feet look like – I’ve been looking at them for the past 33 years – and they definitely do NOT look like this.

The silly thing is that last Tuesday we talked about ways to deal with swelling in your hands and feet in my yoga class, and I took a good look at my (unswollen) feet at that point and felt very grateful that they hadn’t begun to inflate. The next day BLAM…I had feet like Professor Clump…

Thank the stars that the temperature seems to be dropping a bit this week…


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The Results Are In!…

I had to call the hospital this morning to check if my 28 week full blood count has been done (it hasn’t…so I get the joys of ANOTHER needle today. Hoo-bloody-rah) and the midwife had told me to ask for the results of my Glucose Tolerance Test while I was at it.

My fasting blood sugar was 4.6 and my level 2 hours after the glucose was 5.9, so both were actually quite low compared to the table in my advice leaflet…


Considering that I have a family history of diabetes (Dad and maternal grandfather) AND that I have a BMI of over 30 at the moment (I think it’s about 31) this is a great result. I’m really pleased as it means that I am still eligible to use a birth centre (*fingers crossed* I stay within the other requirements too) and that I have one less thing threatening the health of our little one.

Hooray! Let’s celebrate with some cake!


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Achievement Unlocked: Glucose Tolerance Test…

So, I did it and it’s done, and it was fine. Nothing to worry about at all.

The 12-hour fast was very difficult as I kept wanting things (like tea and bananas) and I had to keep reminding myself that I couldn’t have them…I also started doubting myself and wondering if I’d accidentally had a glass of milk or a biscuit. Madness.

I made sure I drank plenty of water to a) distract myself from feeling hungry, and b) make sure my veins were pumped up for the blood tests. It was really hard to leave the house without having a cup of tea, which I’m sure was more down to habit than anything else, but I managed it and didn’t die from a lack of caffeine (we can survive without it apparently!…I did not know that).

I usually get Luke to come with me for appointments as he’s incredibly good at distracting me and making me feel better, but I couldn’t ask him to sit (bored) in a waiting room with me for two hours. Consequently I was a bit nervous to go into the the first blood test alone (I’m only a 33 year old married woman afterall), but it was fine….and then it was time for the glucose drink. I’d done a bit of reading online and seen some women complaining that the drink tasted horrible and made them feel sick, so I was a little apprehensive about it.

I didn’t need to be…

It tasted like over-squashed tropical flavour squash – sweet and fruity – and was bliss after my 12 hour water diet. I really enjoyed it!…and then I went off to sit in the waiting room for two hours *yawn*

I filled the time by chatting with another pregnant lady who was having the same test, sending texts (when I had signal) and reading Effective Birth Preparation (Maggie Howell) on my phone’s Kindle App….


…I managed to get through a quarter of it while I waited…I’ll review it once I’m done reading it.

My little one was pretty active during my time in the waiting room too. I think he was wondering where his breakfast was and kicking the bejesus out of me in order to get it…

After about 90 minutes I was thoroughly fed up and had begun to feel a little bit sick through hunger, but I didn’t have long to wait until it was all over. It was just a shame that the end of the two hours was marked with another needle…

The second blood test (in the same arm…in the same vein actually) was definitely more painful than the first, but I laughed with the nurse and said that it probably didn’t sting as much as the baby crowning would. Once we were all done she said I was free to go home and that I’d find out the test results at my next midwife appointment (which is in a fortnight).

It was only after the second blood test that I began to feel decidedly awful, so I took myself off to the Friends Cafe in the hospital and treated myself to this before my drive home…


…a maple and pecan plait (my absolute favourite at the moment) and a pot of tea. Lots of people recommend avoiding carbs and sugars, and having protein to counteract the glucose but my reckoning was that by this point I shouldn’t still be “all sugared up” (not if I’m not suffering from gestational diabetes anyway) so I went for something carby and delicious.

It worked. I felt great.

And then I came home to this…


…coffee (in my fangirl mug) and a sausage sandwich, courtesy of the BEST husband that ever there was.

Now all that’s left to do is wait for the results…and maybe have a little nap…

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Glucose Tolerance Test…

In lieu of a “proper” post, I thought I’d blog about my epic fail this evening…

My dad has developed diabetes in the past few years, which is probably a lot to do with his age (ha ha, sorry da!) and his diet, but because of this I am classed as higher risk for gestational diabetes. This means that i have been referred for a glucose tolerance test (yay).

A stupid part of me thought that it’d be a simple pin prick test for blood sugar and nothing else. Not reading the letter from the hospital properly played a big part in this naive assumption…

So, today someone on a Facebook group happened to mention being referred for a GTT, and that got me thinking that I should probably take a look at my letter and make sure all was well.

On the BACK of my letter, I found this (kind of important) information…


Basically, you fast for 12 hours, they test your blood sugars and then they give you an IMMENSELY sugary drink and leave you to sit still in the waiting room for two hours begore testing your blood again.


In a waiting room.

Being still.


But that’s not the best part…My test is at 9am, and at 9.30pm this evening I was just washing down my 3 egg omelette (plus cheese) with a nice cup of tea.


So I’m guessing that the hospital will either make me wait til 9.30am for my test or make me reschedule it for another day. I’ll just have to see what they say when I confess to my idiocy…

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