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Bounty Newborn Pack…

When you’ve given birth to your lovely baby, and you’re spending your time getting to know them on the postnatal ward, the Bounty reps come around bearing gift-packs and cameras. We turned down the offer of photographs (feeling like we were going to be trapped into spending lots of money, and not wanting Bounty to have possession of any pictures of our son), but were happy to accept the pack.


If I’m honest, after the last two packs I’ve received (Bounty Mum-to-Be and Emma’s Diary Bump-to-Baby) I didn’t hold out much hope for the Bounty Newborn Pack, but I was really pleasantly surprised…

The first thing you notice is the free STUFF, because it’s bigger and more interesting than the small forest of literature that’s included…


The best thing in the pack was a baby towel (top left) that is beautifully soft and comes with a sample of Persil Non Bio liquid and Comfort softener as well as money off vouchers for the same (the two brands we already use! Huzzah!)

Next best things were sample nappies and wipes from Aldi and Asda (I used the Asda wipes before I had chance to take the picture. Whoops). Asda only give you two of their ‘Little Angels’ nappies, and I think the pack had 10 wipes in it. Aldi are FAR more generous with 24 Mamia wipes (now in our nappy bag for emergencies) and 4 sample nappies. Fabulous!

We have since used the rest of these nappy samples up (more about our nappy experiences soon…) and can safely say that both Little Angels and Mamia nappies are very good quality and very good value if you then go on to buy them. The wipes are brilliant too, and we’ve used them on George’s bum and face with no adverse reactions (unlike Huggies aloe vera wipes which gave him sore skin. Bad Huggies!)

There was also a Tena Lights sample (and money off voucher) in the pack, another mini pot of Sudocrem, and a sample of Baby D Drops. All in all, a cornucopia of freebies!…and useful ones at that!

So…that’s all the interesting ‘STUFF’…now onto the forest of paper that was included in the pack. I was prepared for it to all be selling me something or just generally useless, but again I was pleasantly surprised…

  • Child Benefit Form…VERY useful! Unfortunately I didn’t know it was in there until a week or so ago (despite it being printed on the pack itself) so I didn’t have it with me when we registered George (you can apparently hand your filled in form to the Registrar)
  • 2 x Lansinoh Breast Milk Freezer Bags…also VERY useful. I hadn’t even thought about buying these so when I needed to freeze some of my expressed milk I had two in reserve! Awesome stuff!
  • Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club voucher…to get a £22.95 selection for £6.95. I love these chocolates! USEFUL!
  • Obligatory “Ocado 20% off” voucher…when you spend over £80 of course…not at all useful.
  • Pixifoto voucher sheet…for free photography sessions as your baby grows. Pretty useful if you like that sort of thing.
  • “Gift Certificates”…these look like great offers on the face of it BUT they’re all American sites so you have to pay almost £10 in postage for each purchase. It’s not bad if they were things you wanted anyway…you can get:
  • You and Your Newborn Bounty Book…I haven’t even looked through this but I’m fairly sure it’s another book of advertisements. It could be useful. Maybe.
  • Your Guide to Contraception After You’ve Had a Baby…leaflet. Useful!
  • Meningitis Awareness…mini leaflet. Also useful!
  • Coping With Wind and Infant Colic…leaflet (it’s basically an informative advert for Infacol)…very useful as George has suffered with bad wind (possibly colic)
  • Junior ISAs…leaflet. Might be useful.
  • D Drops Voucher…and leaflet. Useful for finding out what they’re about (and buying more).
  • Bounty Parenting Club Form…of course. I’m sure this will be useful if they want to give me more free things.

So there you have it! It was stuffed with STUFF and THINGS and a lot of it was useful (or could be seen as being useful)…all in all I’m pretty impressed!

Thanks Bounty 🙂

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Emma’s Diary – Bump to Baby Selections Pack…


Yesterday I picked up my Emma’s Diary Bump to Baby Selection pack from Argos. I didn’t hold a lot of hope for it after the Bounty Mum-To-Be Pack I collected last, but when I opened it I was really pleasantly surprised…

Firstly, it wasn’t stuffed with a tree’s worth of adverts and pamphlets, which made a nice change.

It also had some samples of some useful things like nappy rash cream (with an accompanying flyer), Fairy non-bio, and Always pads…


…and a little pack from Pampers that had a newborn nappy, some wipes and some literature…


We’re planning on going the cloth nappy/biodegradable disposables route with our little one, but I think it’s really useful for new mums to have samples of nappies like this so that they can see how they fit and whether they leak.

Finally (and most useful of all, in my opinion) we got a £25 voucher for Hello Fresh


…which will definitely be used in the next week or so!

We’ve had a Hello Fresh box before for £12.99 through Groupon, which I am yet to blog about (I’m terrible, I know), so we’re really looking forward to getting another and trying some meals that we might otherwise not have tried cooking.

Verdict…a very good pack! Possibly the best of all the freebies we’ve picked up so far. I have got a couple more to go yet I think, so lets hope they just get better from here…

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My Bounty Mum-to-be Pack…

At our first pregnancy GP appointment (with the nice doctor) I got given a copy of Emma’s Diary: a week by week guide to your pregnancy


…and then, at my first midwife appointment, I got my Bounty Pregnancy Information Folder…


…which has another magazine, some free samples (decaf tea and Pregnacare supplements to name two I haven’t used), lots of leaflets and flyers and some information about the local hospital and maternity services.

Both come with forms to fill out to get free packs from Bounty and Johnson’s. I don’t plan on using products from either of those companies, but I’m not one to turn down free stuff so I collected my Newborn Essentials Pack from Boots a while ago…


(It’s rammed with free products! It’s just a shame they’re Johnson’s!)…


…and today I finally got round to picking up my Bounty Mum-to-be Pack from Boots today…


It alleges to have “Contents worth at least £15” inside, but you have to look pretty hard to find the value in it…


As “free product samples” go, there was a (teeny weeny) pot of Sudocrem, and a pen with a Pregnacare logo. There was also a Baby Product Guide (…


It’s supposed to cost £3 but I don’t know many people who would pay that for a book of adverts!

The only other freebies I could find amongst the leaflets for ISAs, life insurance and suppliers of baby products was a code for a free Graze box (they’re very good so I’ll probably redeem it)…


There was also voucher for £20 off an Ocado shop, but I’m not counting that as you have to spend £80 to qualify for the saving.

The only really useful thing in there was a leaflet about my baby’s movements, which was, incidentally, the only thing that wasn’t trying to sell me something.

I am really struggling to see how on earth the contents could be worth more than £15 (unless you include the Ocado voucher) and (although it was free) I’m really not impressed. I’ve had a look online at some forums and a few mums are saying that if you pick your Mum-to-be pack up from Asda you get a free gift from George (scratch mitts or a hooded towel have been mentioned). I wish I’d known that before trundling off to Boots!

According to the mums on the Babycentre forum, there’s also a pack called the Mama Pack which contains ethically sourced products in a biodegradable bag, but it’s proving pretty impossible to find any available. I’ll report back on those when (or if) I manage to find somewhere that stocks them!


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