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Why I’m Not Writing a “Mommy” Blog…

Although I’ve been meaning to revive my blog for many MANY months, I’ve got to admit that being pregnant and wanting to record my experiences is the main reason behind my new-found motivation to write. For a while I toyed with the idea of starting again. New life, new blog, new domain name. After all, wouldn’t it make more sense to write about this part of my life (our lives) on a blog created solely for pregnancy and parenting?

Well, yes, probably…but after much deliberation, that’s not the tack I’ve chosen to take.

You see, the thing is that this is my blog. When I started it it was supposed to be a place where I could talk about my life and my adventures. Along the way, Luke became part of my life, and although the name of the blog didn’t change, he became part of it too.

Like my husband, my pregnancy and my baby aren’t separate to my life as the girl with the camper van…they are part of it. When I got pregnant I didn’t stop being me, and I didn’t lose the will to do the things I’ve planned to do. I’m not abandoning my life and the vision I had for it, I’m simply enriching it with a new member of my family.

So that is why I won’t be writing a Mommy blog. It’s not that I have anything against the women who do (or, indeed, the men who write Daddy blogs), I just don’t see my pregnancy or my choices in parenting as being in their own little bubble, standing out from my life. My life is ALL the things I do, either alone, with my husband, or with our baby, and I want this blog to reflect my life as a whole, not just one facet of it.

I don’t want to give up this blog now that I’m expecting, just like I don’t want to give up on getting Old Red back on the road…and I can’t wait to start blogging about our adventures with him as a family. This is the happiest and most excited I have been in a very long time 🙂

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Serial Non-Poster…

Once again I find myself needing to apologise for the lack of content on this site…


And once again, my constant excuse is that life gets in the way…which is a shame considering life makes for pretty juicy blog fodder!

If you’ve read any of my three or four posts from the last, ooh, two years or so, you might have noticed that my ‘co-pilot’ became my hubby. This isn’t just an endearment, it’s actually a thing…

Mr and Mrs <3

Mr and Mrs ❤

Don’t we look pretty?

Not only have we managed to get married since my last significant posting (not including the short burst of posts last summer), but we have also had a wedding anniversary.

Oh, and I’m pregnant!…we’ve been busy…

As I enter my second trimester I’m making a vow to revive this blog – to document our life, rather than letting it get in the way of my writing. You can think of it more as one girl, her husband, their baby…and a camper van! I’m looking forward to the chance to catch up with myself, to post about our adventures and exploits, and to share the miracles of being ‘with child’. That is to say, I’ll be joyously uploading pictures of our holidays, days out, and our wedding, whilst writing horrifying accounts of my acne and flatulence.

Wish me luck…

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I think it’s become pretty obvious to anyone who may venture onto this site that I’m doing a god-awful job of keeping this blog up to date. I’d like to say that I’ve been far too busy and important to sit down and write…but, no. I’m just terribly terribly lazy.

To be brutally honest with you (and myself) I think the task of blogging my France trip daunted me to the point of meltdown. It’s the way I was going about it. I was trying to write it ALL. At once.

One might argue that it would have been prudent for me to write anything (whether that be about France or about the way chocolate goes REALLY well with pink marshmallows) but, in my usual fashion, I decided that writing nothing would be better than writing anything.

I carried on writing nothing for several more weeks, and I could carry on in the same vein for several weeks more, but now I think I’ve reached the point where it’s time to fish or cut bait. So…here I am, attempting to fish. Metaphorically, you understand.

Apart from a brief foray to Stratford-upon-Avon, I’ve not been out in Old Red since France (I’m rather worried about his oil problems, but also rather short of the money, time and motivation that it will take to sort this problem out) so I’ve decided that as well as getting up the details of my France trip and the perils of driving on the continent blogged, I’ll also be using this space for general reviews and stuff. I’m a regular tea-room/restaurant/theatre goer and I work in tourist-central (the beautiful Stratford-upon-A) so it’s not going to be hard to find stuff to write about…it just won’t be as close to my original hopes for this blog than I’d have liked.

And for now, here’s a picture of Red before we put him to bed for the first time on the Ferry. I’d left his interior light on, of course…but that’s a story for another day 🙂

Red on the Ferry from Portsmouth to Caen! He’s on a BOAT! With his bloody light on…

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Introducing The Pie..

Sarah on our recent night out for my 30th… blurriness due to a) dancing and b) alcohol. Mostly alcohol.

Known by many names (Pie and Roo being just two of them), my friend Sarah is perhaps the most awesome person I know…and I’ve known her all my life so that means she rates pretty darn high in the awesome stakes.

Millions of years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, my mother and my Auntie Trisha met each other and became the best of friends. First Auntie Trish had Sarah, and my Mom became her godmother…and then my Mom had me, and Auntie Trisha became my godmother.

And that’s how Sarah and I became godsisters. Not that either of us is particularly godly…I just like to call her that.

Now we’re adults (sort of) we’re even better friends than we were when we were children, and we don’t argue over barbie dolls half as much anymore! And I really have her to thank for my purchase of Old Red…

Back in February when I was making noises about buying a campervan, I reminded Sarah that she wanted one too. Unlike me, she did something about it then and there, looking for a van and finding one…Lady Blue Camperoo! When I went up to see her recently we were talking about festivals and camping trips and campervans…and I’m pretty sure that’s what kicked it all off really. Sarah was proof that real life people do actually do the things they want to do (which is especially encouraging when that thing is something that I want to do too)…and how much fun would it be if we could go on adventures together?!

You can read about her adventures with her son, her dog and her van here.


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