Bath Day…

20 Apr


Last week, before we changed his tailgate struts, we gave Old Red a bath. It had been a very long time since we’d had the chance to get him clean and he was looking rather green and very sorry for himself.

Not any more though!…thanks to…

…a handy husband (armed with a jet wash)…


…a telescopic brush from Maplin (and a bucket of hot soapy water) note: this brush is cheap and *sort of* does the job. I don’t know if I’m just not strong enough to tighten it properly, but the brush head comes loose very easily. This is pretty annoying as it can cause you to give the paintwork a bit of a clunk, and you have to keep stopping to tighten it . It extends to 2m, which is great for reaching the top of the hi-top, and the brush handle plugs into a hose but Luke was already using our hose for the jet wash, so I made do with a bucket


…and a helpful little sister (who had her first go at babywearing)…


…we now have a shiny clean van who looks like someone loves him.

BeFunky Collage

Our wash and fix-up day also gave us the chance to give Old Red’s bodywork the once over, and we’ve been able to make a list of things that need to be looked at next. Things aren’t half as bad as I’ve been imagining they were, and despite the fact that Red has barely moved in so long (*cough* years *cough*) nothing seems to be drastically wrong (she wrote with crossed fingers).

The fact that Red has stood needing work for so long has been a constant weight on my mind, and seeing him looking more and more neglected as each day went by was a pretty depressing thing. In the past few days we’ve paid the old boy a lot of attention and not only is he looking better (happier, almost), but we’re feeling a lot better too.


…it rained soon after we washed him…just our luck!…

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