Rolling, Rolling, Rolling!…

01 Feb

George rolled over ALL BY HIMSELF for the first time today!!!

…this is how it came about…

I took a trip to Ikea last week (to pick up a highchair…more about that soon) and got this play rug…it was only £14 and is HUGE. It’s also lovely and soft with a low looped pile, and it has SO much going on on it (roads, a beach, a castle, a volcano, shops, houses…it’s going to be the inspiration for many a game in years to come).


Previously we’d only been doing tummy time on the bed, reasoning that it was nice and soft, and cleaner than the carpet (we have dogs), but it has always been pretty unsuccessful. He would just bury his face in the mattress and shriek in temper and frustration.

George hates tummy time…

He hates it so much that, to be honest, I’d rather not do it. In fact, most days we only managed a minute or two all day long, and I was starting to feel like an awful mother because he still couldn’t hold his head up off the bed for more than a couple of seconds.

Anyway. I bought the rug, and I bought it with the future in mind…after all, what use is a townscape playmat to an infant? I actually thought that I might be jumping the gun by buying it. It turns out to have been the best “toy” that I’ve bought so far.

The looped pile means that George can lick it as much as he likes and he won’t get a mouthful of fibres (always good!) and the fact that it’s firm (unlike the bed) means that he has far more support.

He did have a bit of a cry when I put him on his tummy but it wasn’t long before he was propped up on his elbows and reaching for toys…


…and he stayed like that for ages

I called Luke to come and see because I couldn’t quite believe how well he was doing – how strong George was despite the lack of tummy time. We stood there smiling, proud, happy to watch him enjoying his toys from a new perspective, and then suddenly he just flipped over onto his back!…

I’m not sure who was more surprised, him or us!

We rewarded him with a chorus of cheers and his shock turned to smiles almost as quickly as he’d flipped over. He’s done it a few more times as the day has gone on, as well as almost managing a back to front roll on a couple of occasions.

All hail the Ikea play rug 🙂

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