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Magazine Subscription…


Yesterday I signed up for a subscription of The Green Parent Magazine

It was £5 for the first 6 months (a special half-price offer that’s only on til 31/12/15…aka tomorrow!) and is going to be £10 for every 6 months beyond that.

They send out six issues a year and we’ll get our first one in January. I’m really looking forward to receiving it!…I just wanted to write about it on here so others could take advantage of the half price offer.

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Vegan “Baileys” and a Very Merry Christmas…

I’m still struggling with blogging at the moment, but wanted to take a minute to express my hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and that you look ahead to a happy new year.

George’s first Christmas was quite overwhelming for him, what with having a cold and not sleeping well. Being presented with lots of toys, clothes and books was also quite a task for him to take on so we suffered a couple of festive meltdowns and haven’t had  much sleep ourselves over the past few days. Despite all that (and, to be honest, we were expecting it) it has been so SO wonderful to spend our first Christmas together as a family. We’ve had a fantastic time.

We’re still doing the dairy/soya free thing (it’ll be 5 weeks tomorrow and it seems to be having a positive impact on George so is most likely going to become a way of life), so I’ve had a restrained Christmas with no cheese or “regular” chocolate. Rest assured I’ve MORE than made up for it by eating a megatonne of DF/SF mince pies, a box of Booja Booja chocolates (and I’ve got another box to go), and several tubs of pâté with a jar or two of plum ploughman’s chutney. Restrained.

One of the things I was missing the most was a nice glass of Bailey’s Irish Cream. The ladies on my “Breastfeeding with CMPA and Other Food Allergies” facebook group had given me the idea of making my own vegan version like this one from and I was totally going to make some but, as usual, it got to Christmas day and I had completely failed to buy coconut milk, agave syrup and Irish whiskey. Cue much sadness.

What I did have however, was a litre of Oatly Chocolate Oat Drink, and a nice bottle of Jack Daniels (well, truth be told it’s Luke’s bottle of JD but we’re married so technically it’s half mine…and there’s only half of it left so it belongs to me now)…


…so, desperate for a dairy-free version of one of my favourite drinks, I decided to experiment. It worked. It was creamy and wonderful.

…and it’s so simple you don’t even need a “proper” recipe…

Just take a tumbler…pour in a measure of Jack Daniels (other whiskeys are available), and top up with Oatly Chocolate Oat Drink to taste (I used about 220mls)…

…and enjoy!

I’m guessing that it tastes more like chocolate Bailey’s than the regular kind (well duh) but I’ve not had any in a year so I can’t quite remember exactly how the regular Bailey’s tastes. All I know is it was thick and rich and boozy and delicious. It was also SUPER easy, which is always a bonus when you’re as lazy pushed-for-time as I am!

Happy New Year to you all, from me and Mini Moss…



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Adventures in Dairy-free Living…

I haven’t blogged in a while…a LONG while. I have a backlog of things to do and write about but I barely get any time to write because I usually find myself stuck under a baby (now 11 weeks old!!) who is eating or screaming or sleeping (putting him down for a nap inevitably leads back to sceeaming or eating).

A couple of days ago, after a lot of screaming, a particularly terrible nappy, and a bit of Googling, I realised that our little George might have an allergy to milk. He’s only drinking breastmilk at the moment, but the cow’s milk protein can pass through my milk to him…and I drink a LOT of milk (and eat a lot of cheese, butter, chocolate, cream…you name it).

He has (and I apologise for the TMI) very mucousy poo, and while this can be because of excess dribble – and he’s been really drooling the past couple of weeks – he’s always suffered with (again, apologies) sticky, stringy nappies. He’s also been very colicky, which, again, is a delayed symptom of a cow’s milk protien allergy.

Finally, George has been very very slow to put weight on, so much so that it took 6 weeks for him to get back to his birth weight when most babies manage it in a fortnight. He’s rarely put on more than 10g a day, when the charts would like him to be putting on around thtee times that. More about that another time (soon, I hope!)

Anyway…I could be wrong about it all, but I’ve cut all milk and soya products out of my diet (50% of babies with CMPA also react to soya protein) and I’m giving it three weeks to get all of the protein out of my system. It’s only been about 5 days so far, but he’s already seeming less colicky and far happier. His nappies are better and better each day too.

If I’m honest, this is very difficult for me. Very VERY difficult. It’s only been five days and all I can think about is milk chocolate and flapjacks and all-butter pastries. I have been feeling very sorry for myself as I’ve been wandering around the supermarket (milk and soya are in practically everything), and even more sorry for myself when Luke is tucking into a pack of chocolate coated malted milk biscuits…but at the same time I am so SO happy to see George smiling rather than screaming.

Christmas with George’s grin is a million times better than Christmas with cheese or chocolate.


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