39 Weeks…

01 Sep

So, yesterday was the start of my 39th week of pregnancy.


Today was actually the first due date I was given, but then after our 12 week dating scan they pushed it back to the 7th. I’m still kind of hoping that he might decide to come today (or at least start his journey) whilst also panicking about it.

I’m not sure if I’ve said already but I’m starting to liken this whole pregnancy thing to queuing for a popular rollercoaster on a busy day. You spend hours being excited and scared (but in a good way), and getting impatient with all the waiting…then you start to feel a bit uncomfortable and like you could do with a bit of a sit down (okay, a LOT of a sit down). All of a sudden, the wait is over and you’re the next person into the car, and you start to panic and wonder if it’s too late to run for the exit.

It’s terrifying, but I also can’t wait. I’m bouncing on my swiss ball as I type this. And I’m finally starting to get my head round the fact that there is actually a baby in that big massive belly of mine…

…on Sunday night he was pushing a foot out on my right hand side, which was kind of freaky. I pushed it back in and he immediately stuck it out again…and so we started our first game together. I think he was enjoying my giggling too.

So…39 weeks, and where am I now?…

Well, my belly button is STILL an innie (hooray!), but I think that’s because of the chub/swelling. If I didn’t have so much padding it’d totally be out and making itself known.

I’m incredibly swollen. We’re talking EVERYWHERE here. I get up in the morning and my legs (especially the left one) look normal but if I press on my shin for a few seconds I leave a monumental dent, which goes to show that I’ve been swollen for so long that I can’t remember what “normal” is anymore.

None (NONE) of my shoes fit me anymore. I’ve been reduced to wearing a pair of men’s flip flops from Primark. Not that it matters because I can’t walk that far anyway.

My SPD is getting worse all the time (the reason for my not being able to walk far) and I can’t do anything that involves leaning forwards. I still do bits of washing up and emptying the dishwasher etc, but it’s agony within seconds. When we do get out of the house I have to try to tuck my tailbone under as I walk to stop the dreaded pelvic aching, and I walk at about a fifth of my normal speed (frustrating for me and Luke).

I am VERY breathless most of the time, which I think is a combination of being very unfit and having a baby squashing my lungs. I’m looking forward to the “lightening” feeling that I’ve been promised. It’d be nice to be able to breathe and eat a proper sized meal.

My snoring has become epically bad. I can’t even describe it. And the drool…oh my god the drool. I have taken to sleepingon a flannel because at least that way I can swap it out halfway through the night and don’t have to sleep on a soggy pillow…

But! It’s not all bad! I can still get in and out if the bath on my own, and I’m quite proud that at 39 weeks, with all this swelling AND the five and a half stone I’ve put on, I can still shave my own legs and bikini line.

I’ve also stopped putting weight on (FINALLY), which I think can be put down to two factors…1) I can’t eat more than a few bites of something and then I’m full for HOURS, and 2) dragging my huge self around burns a buttload of calories.

Weirdly, I’m sleeping far better (we’re talking like THREE HOURS in a row here) and peeing in the night far less. It must be the way the baby is lying but I’m not going to question it too much. I’ve had three nights of *almost* normal sleep and I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

These may all be small victories, but they’re victories nonetheless. And I’m celebrating them!

As for signs of labour, well I’m getting LOADS of Braxton Hicks and crampy period pains, as well as those weird back contractions. I’ve had a few of those that have gone all up my spine and into my scalp, and they’ve been quite unbearable. I also had what I think was a proper contraction yesterday: it started in my back, spread across my belly, and felt a little like the gripping feeling you get when you have a dodgy tummy…but I’m not going to let any of it trick me into thinking anything is actually happening.

I clearly have a body that likes to practice a LOT before the main event…

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