Baby Bargains…

25 Aug

On Saturday night I was caught (again) by the “WE DON’T HAVE…!” bug, as I realised that we were still missing a few baby/babycare things.

I spent ages looking around online at nappy bags and baby bouncers, convinced that we couldn’t survive without either (we totally could) but unwilling to commit to buying either…

At the start of my pregnancy I’d been a member of a facebook group for mums who were due at the same (ish) time as me, and they’d all been talking about really REALLY expensive bags, like the Yummy Mummy bags by Pink Lining. They’re beautiful but I don’t have £80 to spend on a bag that’s going to end up carrying sicked-on clothes or poopy nappies (when we move to cloth)…I wouldn’t even spend that much on a bag for myself! So, I typed “nappy bag” into Amazon, half fearful of the bank-breaking results that my search would yield…

I wasn’t prepared to find SO MANY bargains, and my brain kind of shut down and refused to let me choose one.

In the end, I picked this one (complete with a green changing mat) for £8.90…


…but I bought it from eBay (despite it being a pound or so more expensive) because it promised it would arrive by the 26th of August, rather than anytime during September (which was the delivery window Amazon quoted).

When it came to the bouncer chair I had the opposite problem: there were a few that I REALLY wanted, but they were all about £50-60. I did find two on the Argos website that were awesome-looking and cheap (and even cheaper still because they have a sale on at the moment) but they were both out of stock. Probably because they are awesome-looking and cheaper than cheap.

I looked on eBay and found some bargainous bouncers, but they were all used (yet listed with stock photos) so I was a bit concerned that they’d be dirty and not easy to clean. I gave up after a while and resigned myself to doing without one til Argos restocked.

…and then I remembered Aldi had baby things on sale. Bright red and blue ones, like this. Luke hadn’t let me buy one there when we’d last seen them because of the colour, but after a bit of googling I discovered that they also had them in brown/beige with a really cute bee and giraffe design…


Mom was off shopping the next morning, so I asked her to see if they had one left. And they did. They had ONE, and it was at the bottom of a 4ft pile of the red and blue ones. Thank you, Mom!

It’s adorable, but I haven’t made it up yet. It seems silly to have it sitting around the house when there’s no baby here to use it yet. I guess it’ll give me something to do when labour starts.

My other bargains include a really cute Very Hungry Caterpillar sleeping bag from eBay. We needed another lightweight one but I didn’t want to spend a load of money on one as it probably won’t get much use. I was really pleased when I stumbled across this 1.5 tog one…


…and even more pleased when I won it for £5.60 (posted). It’s used (obviously) but will be far easier to wash than the cover of a baby bouncer.

Finally, although I haven’t actually made the baby wipes yet (all it requires is a bit of cutting and stitching! I’m terrible…) I bought these to keep them in, both at home, and out and about…


…and two of these to pop the dirty ones into…



…and two of a different design so that I can keep the face cloths separate from the bum ones.


So, thanks to eBay, Amazon and Aldi (and my Mom) I’ve managed to get a nappy bag and changing mat, a lightweight sleeping bag, a bouncer chair, three lock and lock boxes, and four wet and dry bags for about £45.

That’s almost half the price of a Yummy Mummy bag…

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