Full Term!…And 38 Weeks…

24 Aug

Okay, so today I am 38 weeks pregnant, but I totally missed out on my 37 week (aka FULL TERM) update, so I’ll start with that really quickly…

...please excuse my terrible hair and general grotty appearance...

…please excuse my terrible hair and general grotty appearance – also, I’ve realised that Luke is *always* sitting playing Xbox on the bed while I take these…he DOES do other stuff, I promise…

I am terrible at organisation and getting things done. I think it’s because I get a bit too excited about things a bit too quickly, and I let myself think that a) I’m jumping the gun by doing more than writing a list (or two or three), and b) I have LOADS of time to do whatever it is I’m obsessing about.

Take my hospital bags as an example. I knew what was going in them 8 weeks ago, and I knew what I needed to buy to be “ready”. There was no point in packing then and there because I had six weeks ahead of me to do it. Suddenly, SEVEN weeks had gone by and not only was I not packed, but I also didn’t have half of the things I needed.

One major problem was that all the baby clothes remained unwashed…so, I celebrated 37 weeks of pregnancy by doing about 4 loads of washing (and then I spent the remainder of the – very damp – week trying to get it all dry…see, THAT is why you do it early)…

...just some of the washing - and our naughty dogs...

…just some of the washing – and our naughty dogs…

…and then I spent last Tuesday packing and panicking that I didn’t have enough onesies or long sleeved vests. Needless to say, my packing is almost done now. Almost.

I also celebrated by cutting into the gorgeous cake that my sister-in-law had made for my “not a baby shower” party, as I had been reluctant to cut it (aka “ruin it”) at the party itself…


Oh my god it was delicious. Not cutting it at the party was the best decision ever a bit selfish of me…I have ended up eating a slice (or two…or three) of it most days and I still have a tiny bit left a week later…

And today I’m 38 weeks


…and boy do I know it…

Our Mini one has dropped so low into my pelvis that I can no longer bend forward or squat without a feeling of sudden sharp pressure on my cervix (sorry, but it’s true), and my legs are now so swollen that they’re vaguely reminiscent of chip shop donner kebabs One good thing about his lower position is that I’ve not suffered acid reflux in the past two days. Hooray for small (very significant) mercies.

I’m also sleeping almost exclusively in the spare room…

Some nights I feel like I might be able to get away with snuggling up to Luke and going to sleep in my own bed, but less than two hours later I’ve either woken myself up with the sound of my snoring, or he’s woken me up to tell me about how loud it is. Most nights I don’t even bother trying, and I just wait til he’s asleep and slink (okay, waddle) off with my pillows. The two of us are missing sharing a bed very very much. I just hope the snoring subsides when the baby is here, otherwise I’ll be keeping ALL of us awake.

Only two weeks left to go now…or four if you’re being negative about it.

I feel like I’m jinxing things by saying it so much, but I really do think he’s going to come early. All day today I have been having period pain-type aches, the odd twinge across my bump and a LOT of cervical pain. Walking has been quite a challenge because of the sudden, sharp stabs (a woman on my birthing forum calls them ‘Fanny Daggers’, which is not only a very good way of describing them, but also makes me laugh like an idiot)…and (AND) as the evening is wearing on I’m starting to get those hot, pulsating back pains again. They’re AGES apart though so are probably indicative of nothing.

I think I’d like him to hang on in there a while longer, but I can’t deny that it’d be good to have the waiting over. The control freak in me does not enjoy the not-knowing part of birth.

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