Mini Mossfest v2.0 (Baby Edition)…

22 Aug

Luke and I had a tiny wedding (30 people in total) on February 8th 2014, followed by what was meant to be a MASSIVE festival-style wedding celebration in the summer on August 16th. As it turned out, we had to have a much smaller party than we’d planned, so Mossfest (as it was going to be called) became Mini Mossfest.


Throughout my pregnancy we have been calling my bump “Mini Moss”, and so when we decided to hold a pre-baby party on August 15th, it seemed logical to call it Mini Mossfest v2.0. It was originally going to be a baby shower, but I wanted all of our friends included (not just the ladies) and I didn’t want people to feel like they had to ‘shower’ us in gifts.

We held it at my Mom’s house like last year’s celebration, but this time we decided to buy a marquee from eBay rather than hiring one from an events company.  In the end we got a basic 3m x 9m white waterproof one with 6 windows and two doors (although we ended up leaving most of it open) for £70, which fitted really nicely alongside the house on the patio. Luke put most of it up by himself (I helped with the canopy and the legs) and it went up really quickly. The only problem we had with it was that the roof was a little bit too small (or the frame was a little bit bit too big) so it’s a little lopsided and you can’t quite get all the Velcro straps to go around the poles. It’s a really minor problem…


…our lovely marquee, filled with just some of our lovely guests…

We had about 25 people coming for afternoon tea and a barbeque, so we did end up hiring a few bits and pieces to add onto the stuff we already had, like:

Tables…we got two 6ft trestle tables (one for the sound system and one for drinks) and four 3ft round wooden tables (for people to sit around) from Plato Catering Hire. I rang them twice to enquire and both times got the same price of £31.20, which seemed really reasonable. Unfortunately, I think the man I spoke to must have been getting confused by the “3ft” part as there were only three tables waiting when my brother-in-law went to pick them up…and apparently the price I’d been given (twice) wasn’t for the four I’d asked for (twice). Luckily the lady who was there to meet the bro-in-law let him have four for the price we’d agreed, which was really good of her.

We had lots of stuff left over from Mini Mossfest the year before, so I decorated the tables in a similar fashion with mismatched jars of straws and cutlery, as well as some paper cups for those who didn’t want tea. Last year I used cream metal buckets filled with ivy as a table decoration, but this year it was sunny flower arrangements in metal jugs…


…one of my decorated tables…

China…like last year, we went to Constance Wallace to hire a few vintage tea cups and saucers, tea pots, a coffee pot, cake stands and servers, teaspoons and flower jugs. We also hired 20 folding wooden chairs from them, which were £1.75 each (about 25p more per chair than other furniture hire places but they were FAR nicer than anything we could have gotten elsewhere) It can get a bit pricey when you order so much from them (our order came to £83) but, once again, the things we hired from Constance Wallace really made our party special. The ladies who run the tea shop and the china hire are lovely too, and such a pleasure to deal with. I can’t recommend them enough.


We (well, Luke) spent days and days getting the house and garden ready for the party, and then on the morning of the 15th we had everyone rallying round to do the last bits and pieces, decorate the place and make sandwiches. I don’t know what we’d have done without my mom, sister, bro-in-law, mother-in-law and sister-in-law…they worked SO hard to make everything come together at the last minute.

Luke and I did a bit of baking in the morning (scones and 24 cupcakes) but we had lots of gifts of cake too…an AMAZING belly cake, coffee and walnut cake and cupcakes from my sister-in-law (who is a wonderful baker), a sponge cake and a lemon drizzle cake from my mother-in-law (queen of the wonderful bakers), mini Victoria sponges from my friend Liz, and a HUGE baked vanilla cheesecake from my best-friend’s other half…and as well as all that, my sister had ordered a red-velvet cake from a local bakers that also turned out to be ginormous.

We had ALL the cake.


…just some of the cakes…

...belly cake...

…belly cake…

We didn’t make it through all the cake (I am still eating cake a week later), but once we’d had our fill of tea, coffee and cake, our friends Rob and Jade took Luke out shopping for barbecue food to feed everyone who wanted to stay for the evening.

We spent the end of the evening sat around a big fire, full of good food, and enjoying the company of our closest friends. Jade downloaded a baby-naming app and somehow we managed to spend a good couple of hours shrieking ridiculous baby names at each other between gales of laughter.

It was a wonderful day…

…and although I asked people not to bring presents, we were very lucky to get some really cute things for the baby, and some pampering bath stuff for me (joy!)…



…and then the next day one of my best friends who hadn’t been able to make it to the party dropped round a present of EPIC proportions…


…ALL the things…

Thank you so much to everyone who came and helped and made it so good…we couldn’t have hoped for a better party!

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