Blu-Tac Bath Hack…

22 Aug

One of the only places I feel comfortable at the moment is lying in the bath…

I love it when I’ve just topped it up with more water and it’s almost full to the brim, but before long all the excess has drained down the overflow and I’m left feeling less “supported” and more “beached whale”. It’s just not as relaxing as it could be.

So I’ve started doing this…


…and it’s BRILLIANT.

All you need to do is flatten out two pieces of blu-tac and press them onto the overflow hard enough that they stick into the holes.

Definitely apply it in two pieces AROUND the drainer though…I did it in one piece the first time, but then Luke told me off for getting tac in the plug chain.

…in other news…I HAVE AN ANKLE AGAIN! Just one. And it is swelling back up now I’ve gotten out of bed, but I have an ankle all the same! Huzzah for cooler nights!

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