36/37 Week Midwife Appointment JOY…

14 Aug

Today I am 36 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I had a Midwife appointment last Friday (when I was just 35+5 weeks) but she wasn’t happy with my swollen ankles and wanted to get me in again today to check my blood pressure. It’s been normal all the way through my pregnancy but, what with the worry of pre-eclampsia, she wanted to keep an eye on how I was doing.

Turns out she’s still not 100% happy as my blood pressure was up the tiniest amount from last week, and my urine test showed trace proteins (that aren’t anything to worry about apparently) so I’m seeing her again next week too. Sigh.

Oh well, at least it gives me yet more chances to hear the bubba’s heartbeat, which is always lovely.

It also meant that I could discuss my back pains and pains across my bump (which only started today) and be reassured that I was probably feeling false labour pains and that it is nothing to worry about. Just to be sure she ran through the signs of actual labour (regular contractions and bloody show to name just two) and told me what to do if my waters broke or if I thought labour was starting for real.

She was too busy last week to do much other than my blood pressure, urine, uterus measurements and baby’s heartbeat, so today’s appointment gave us chance to fill out my birth centre forms.

I am SO pleased to say that everything (blood pressure, iron levels, platelets, etc) is at the right level to make me eligible for a birth centre admission. I just hope that my blood pressure stats normal, that he comes out in a timely fashion (not before Monday and not after 42 weeks), that he doesn’t do anything silly (like poop), and that I don’t end up needing to be induced.

*fingers crossed*

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