Fletch is 10!…

07 Aug

August 4th was Fletch’s 10th birthday, and last month Otis (our new pup) turned three, so I decided to bake them a cake to share, using a recipe from the Brown Eyed Baker…it was very similar to a cake that I’ve baked for Fletch before


You need flour, baking soda (I used baking powder), peanut butter, honey, carrots, oil and an egg…and an audience apparently…


You sieve the flour and baking soda/powder together…then add all the other ingredients…


…you stir it all up, pour it into a tin (I used a loaf tin like she does on the original blog post) and bake at 350f/175c for 30 minutes while your audience waits patiently…


…seeing as it’s their birthday you could always ease the monotony of waiting by letting them lick the bowl/spoon…


…once it’s done you need to let it cool a bit…


…and then you can “ice” it…I used more peanut butter with a couple of teaspoons of honey to make it more spreadable…


…and then you can either feed it to the birthday dogs, or you can prolong the torture a bit more by making them wait while you take some pictures…



Happy Birthday dawgs!

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