35 Weeks…

03 Aug

I’m 35 weeks pregnant today…five weeks from my due date…two weeks from being full term…


I’m feeling much better than I was, but…

I still have a massively swollen leg. They’re both puffy compared to usual (and I can feel them wobble as I walk, which is gross), but the wasp-stung one has now become the wasp-stung-insect-bitten one and it’s kind of reminding me of Professor Klump’s foot in the Nutty Professor. I hate it.

I’m having a lot of trouble getting to sleep, and when I do I usually wake myself up snoring (and covered in drool, which is also gross) or have horrible repetitive dreams that leave me feeling exhausted i the morning.

I’m generally exhausted and really breathless…and I’m still having panics, but I’ve made a few massive steps in the “being organised” stakes that have left me feeling a bit more in control (more about that in the upcoming posts!) and I’m definitely more positive than I was when I posted on here a few days ago.

My sister and I (with Luke’s help) are planning a not-a-baby-shower for the 15th August. Last year on August 16th we held a mini wedding festival in our back garden (think massive marquee, massive sound system, massive BBQ, massive amounts of alcohol…and afternoon tea because I like that kind of thing). We’d planned a BIG wedding festival to make up for a) getting married in the winter, and b) only inviting a few people, but plans for that fell through so instead of being “MOSSFEST” (as we are the Mosses) it became “MINI MOSSFEST”…I’ll blog about it one day I’m sure…

…so, with the not-a-baby-shower falling on the anniversary (ish) of our party we’re going to recreate it but it’s called “MINI MOSSFEST v2.0…baby edition”…think smaller marquee, smaller amounts of alcohol, less people (because we’ve left ourselves with literally NO TIME to plan properly)…but we’re still going to have the big sound system (because that’s what I want) and there will be more of an emphasis on the tea and cake (because if I can’t drink tonnes of gin when everyone else is I WILL eat lots of cake).

It originally started out as a proper girls only shower, but our local village hall was booked up and what with having to do it at home, and with the date of it, and with Luke being there, it was only fair to have all of our friends there with us…not just the ladies. I’ll be almost 37 weeks by then and it’ll probably be hot…and all the dog kennels are full already so we’ll have two barking dogs to contend with, but I’m really looking forward to getting together with some friends and enjoying ourselves as a couple before the little one joins us.

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