Feeling Rough…

02 Aug

I’ve not updated in quite a few days (as you may have noticed) because I’ve been feeling so awful…

My SPD has been agony, I got stung by a wasp – for the first time in my life – and my ankle swelled up (more than normal pregnancy swelling) so I had to go on antihistamines for a few days (which made me moody and sick-feeling), and I’ve been feeling like I’ve been coming down with a cold for over a week. Some days I’ve barely been able to move through feeling so ill.

On top of all of that I’ve been hit by panic – panic about the stuff we still need to get and do before the baby is here, panic about labour and birth, panic about being responsible for a tiny human being. Panic, panic, panic.

Braxton hicks are still a regular thing and I’ve been getting more random back ache and period-type pains, and I’ve sort of convinced myself that our little boy is going to arrive early – then again, I was convinced that he was a girl before my 20 week scan, so what do I know?

If he is early?…well, I don’t feel ready for him to arrive on his due date, let alone early. I still can’t believe that he’s in there, despite the size of my (absolutely ginormous) belly, let alone that he’s going to come out…so I guess that I’ll never feel ready. That doesn’t do much to ease the panic though…

At times of extreme worry I am incredibly thankful for my understanding husband, and Natal Hypnotherapy, and breathing exercises, and happy places.

Anyway, the panic and the pain and the feeling rubbish are the main reasons why I’ve not posted anything in far too long.

Hopefully I’ll be over it soon…

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