33 Weeks – Braxton Hicks Abound!…

21 Jul

I’m 33 weeks pregnant and about 7 weeks from meeting our little boy…or, if we’re going to be realistic about this, at least 4 weeks away from meeting him.


…in years to come I’m going to look back at these bump pictures and think “I wish I’d cleaned my mirror”…


I hope he doesn’t come early, but I am starting to think that he might…

I’ve been getting lots (and I mean LOTS) of Braxton Hicks contractions (I’ve actually been getting them every so often for months but hadn’t realised what they were)…so I’ve started to pay attention to them.

I’d always thought that they were painful, I don’t know why. Thinking back many years to when one of my close friends was pregnant, she told me that she was getting them and that they were known as ‘practice contractions’. I can’t recall her ever saying that they were painful, but I somehow managed to get into my head that they were and that’s stuck with me. As it turns out they’re pretty much painless, although I do sometimes feel the pressure of my uterus on my ribs and a bit of a stitch-like feeling that’s sort of like mild round-ligament pain.

Over the past week or so I have been getting them more and more, so last night I decided that I’d use the contraction tracker on my pregnancy+ app to get an idea of how long they were lasting and the intervals between them so I can tell the midwife on Thursday. I got several an hour (upwards of six per hour on occasion) and they can often last for 5-7 minutes, but can be as short as a minute. Sometimes there’s an hour between them, sometimes just a minute.

This isn’t necessarily the norm…although “normal” is a very shaky term to use. Most women at this point only get a few a day at irregular intervals, and they usually only last for around a minute. Some people say they’re brought on by dehydration, or a full bladder, or by being too active, and that lying down or getting in the bath can ease them.

I find that mine come mostly in the evening (although I do get the odd one or two during the day) and that I’m having one EVERY time I get up for a pee in the middle of the night/early morning. I get them whether I’m walking around, sitting or lying down, and changing what I’m doing (i.e. getting up and walking or sitting/lying down for a bit) does nothing to make them go away.

Sometimes the start of bout of my BH can be heralded by a bit of period pain (it doesn’t last long and goes away after the first contraction) or sometimes by a bit of warm, stretchy pain in my lower back, though I’ve had that same lower back pain a few times over the past fortnight without the contractions starting too.

According to women on the forum threads (some of whom have the same experience as me), midwives can advise about my BH in several ways…

  1. this is not normal…call delivery suite if you’re getting more than four an hour, or if you have back/period pain, or if they last for longer than a minute.
  2. this is normal FOR YOU…don’t worry

Some people are also saying that having Braxton Hicks that last this long and happen this frequently can (maybe) be a portent of an early delivery date. I don’t mind if our Little decides to come early as I’m already bloody massive and will probably be VERY uncomfortable if I make it to 40 weeks, but I could really do without him arriving before week 37…

…I’m just not ready…

…and I really REALLY want to use that birth centre…

I’m not overly concerned about any of it though so I’m not panicking, but I am looking forward to talking to my midwife about it all on Thursday and getting her opinion. It’s all becoming very real…


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2 responses to “33 Weeks – Braxton Hicks Abound!…

  1. Sharon Tjaden-Glass

    July 22, 2015 at 2:00 am

    Good luck on your upcoming birth! I didn’t feel ready for birth and I went past my due date. Guess we’re never “ready.” 🙂 Hope you stop by my blog sometime. Would love to hear your contributions– Take care!

    • onegirlandacampervan

      July 22, 2015 at 8:13 am

      I think you’re right…they’ll come when they’re ready, and we never will be! 😀

      Thank you for the link, I’ll pop over and have a read xxx


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