Baby Clothes and Things…

16 Jul

A while ago I wrote a list of lists that I needed to compile (and act upon)…one of which was a list of the things we already have for the baby, as well as the things we are still to get.

On the face of it that’s one list, but in reality it’s several. I like lists – the more I can make the better.

This post focuses on the clothing side of things.

Thanks to generous friends and numerous shopping trips we have managed to amass quite a stash of baby clothes, but as they’ve come in in dribs and drabs (and in lots of different sizes, right up to 2 years old) I didn’t think that we had all that we need to get us through the first few months…

our current stash...

our current stash…

I’ve had a look on several websites to gauge what people recommend for the first few weeks/months and they all suggest different things, so I have looked at all of them to come up with a basic list of what we might need. Most sites say something like “4-6 onesies” but we don’t have a tumble drier so I have slightly upped the numbers in most cases to account for washing taking longer to dry…

  • 12 x onesies (they can be day and night wear)
  • 8 x vests/body suits
  • 6 x t-shirts/tops
  • 6 x leggings/stretchy trousers
  • 3 x outfits (not really necessary, but very cute)
  • 3 x cardigans/jackets
  • 8 x socks/booties
  • few pairs of scratch mitts
  • 3 x jersey cotton hats
  • a sun hat
  • 2 or 3 sleeping bags
  • blankets/shawls (light cotton ones are best…you can always layer up)

TIP: babies outgrow small sizes (or skip them completely) so go for 0-3 month size to start with.

…a lot of sites I looked at were American and suggested something called a baby gown for the first few weeks until the cord stump falls off, but they don’t seem to be something that’s readily available in the UK. I have decided to leave them off my list as I can’t seem to find them for sale over here.

So, this is what we currently have…


  • 5 x onesies
  • 9 x short sleeve vest
  • 1 x long sleeve vest
  • 2 x t-shirts
  • 8 x pairs of socks
  • 2 x scratch mitts
  • 3 x jersey hats
(mostly) newborn stuff...

(mostly) newborn stuff…

0-3 months:

  • 9 x onesies
  • 8 x short sleeve vest
  • 3 x long sleeve vest
  • 2 x light cardigan
  • 1 x thick cardigan
  • 2 x short sleeve body suit
0-3 month stuff...

0-3 month stuff (and some 3-6 on the right too)…

…we also have one fleece and one cellular blanket (not pictured), a micro fibre blanket and one sleeping bag…


…and a couple of hooded towel/wash mitt sets (both identical…)…


…two of my favourite things are the coming home outfit that Luke and I bought for him (stripy-guitar-picky designs) and a little blue knitted cardigan that my Nan made years ago. She died when I was 25 so that in particular is really special to me…


I don’t think we’ll get any more newborn things as we have more than enough of those (even if he’s tiny we’ve got enough to get us through the first few days), but we’ll definitely need to get a few more 0-3 month size things like…

  • another pack (or two) of onesies
  • some tops
  • some trousers
  • a couple of outfits
  • another sleeping bag or two
  • some more scratch mitts

I still have a lot of other, non-clothing stuff to think about, but I’m definitely feeling a lot more in control of the clothing situation at least!…we’re one step closer to being ready…

…but I still can’t quite believe that we will have a baby joining us at some point in the next 4-9 weeks…


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2 responses to “Baby Clothes and Things…

  1. bloodsugarecmomagik

    July 19, 2015 at 10:30 pm

    Ahh some lovely things there!! I hit the next sale this weekend and put away so many baby things! Have to start my collection all over again having a boy this time 💙 Penelope lived in onesies, can’t get enough!! X


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