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Breastfeeding Plans…

I’m one of those people who likes to be prepared. In reality I’m very rarely prepared for anything as I start planning too soon, trick myself into thinking that I have sooooo much time ahead of me, and then suddenly realise that I’ve got loads of stuff left to get/make/do. I’m desperately trying not to do this with all of our baby things…

I’m very keen to breastfeed once our son is here and – if I can – that requires very little preparation other than getting nursing bras, nipple cream and breast pads (which I’m sure I’ll need even if I don’t manage to BF). The trouble is that I’m faced with the quandary of if I should get bottles, formula and a steriliser for my hospital bag, just in case.

I’m worried that if I can’t breastfeed I will be failing my baby by not having a back-up…but then again I am against buying things I don’t need and worried that by getting them I am actually setting myself up to fail.

Just like with everything else I’ve fretted about so far, I’ve had a good look online at what others are saying and I’m finding the same thing that I always find…

  1. ladies saying “why bother with the expense of bottles and formula that you might never use…you can always get someone to pop out and buy you them if you really need them…”
  2. ladies saying “it’s always best to be prepared! GET THE BOTTLES AND FORMULA!”

…so basically, once again I can’t rely on the internet to make my decision for me and I have to make it myself.

It’s quite empowering really.

So! I’ve decided NOT to bother buying anything that I don’t need. My plan is to breastfeed and my will is strong, so I’m going to persevere with it no matter how difficult I might find it. I’m aware that it will be hard at first, that it might hurt, that I might struggle to get to grips with it, that it doesn’t come easily to every woman.

I’m also aware that being positive about it is half of the battle and that if I think I can do it and don’t let myself give up on that belief in my capability, then I am going to be more likely to keep at it and be successful.

…and at the end of the day, should my plan (or my will) fail, I can always buy the necessaries for bottle feeding as and when I might need them.


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33 Weeks – Braxton Hicks Abound!…

I’m 33 weeks pregnant and about 7 weeks from meeting our little boy…or, if we’re going to be realistic about this, at least 4 weeks away from meeting him.


…in years to come I’m going to look back at these bump pictures and think “I wish I’d cleaned my mirror”…


I hope he doesn’t come early, but I am starting to think that he might…

I’ve been getting lots (and I mean LOTS) of Braxton Hicks contractions (I’ve actually been getting them every so often for months but hadn’t realised what they were)…so I’ve started to pay attention to them.

I’d always thought that they were painful, I don’t know why. Thinking back many years to when one of my close friends was pregnant, she told me that she was getting them and that they were known as ‘practice contractions’. I can’t recall her ever saying that they were painful, but I somehow managed to get into my head that they were and that’s stuck with me. As it turns out they’re pretty much painless, although I do sometimes feel the pressure of my uterus on my ribs and a bit of a stitch-like feeling that’s sort of like mild round-ligament pain.

Over the past week or so I have been getting them more and more, so last night I decided that I’d use the contraction tracker on my pregnancy+ app to get an idea of how long they were lasting and the intervals between them so I can tell the midwife on Thursday. I got several an hour (upwards of six per hour on occasion) and they can often last for 5-7 minutes, but can be as short as a minute. Sometimes there’s an hour between them, sometimes just a minute.

This isn’t necessarily the norm…although “normal” is a very shaky term to use. Most women at this point only get a few a day at irregular intervals, and they usually only last for around a minute. Some people say they’re brought on by dehydration, or a full bladder, or by being too active, and that lying down or getting in the bath can ease them.

I find that mine come mostly in the evening (although I do get the odd one or two during the day) and that I’m having one EVERY time I get up for a pee in the middle of the night/early morning. I get them whether I’m walking around, sitting or lying down, and changing what I’m doing (i.e. getting up and walking or sitting/lying down for a bit) does nothing to make them go away.

Sometimes the start of bout of my BH can be heralded by a bit of period pain (it doesn’t last long and goes away after the first contraction) or sometimes by a bit of warm, stretchy pain in my lower back, though I’ve had that same lower back pain a few times over the past fortnight without the contractions starting too.

According to women on the forum threads (some of whom have the same experience as me), midwives can advise about my BH in several ways…

  1. this is not normal…call delivery suite if you’re getting more than four an hour, or if you have back/period pain, or if they last for longer than a minute.
  2. this is normal FOR YOU…don’t worry

Some people are also saying that having Braxton Hicks that last this long and happen this frequently can (maybe) be a portent of an early delivery date. I don’t mind if our Little decides to come early as I’m already bloody massive and will probably be VERY uncomfortable if I make it to 40 weeks, but I could really do without him arriving before week 37…

…I’m just not ready…

…and I really REALLY want to use that birth centre…

I’m not overly concerned about any of it though so I’m not panicking, but I am looking forward to talking to my midwife about it all on Thursday and getting her opinion. It’s all becoming very real…


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Baby Clothes and Things…

A while ago I wrote a list of lists that I needed to compile (and act upon)…one of which was a list of the things we already have for the baby, as well as the things we are still to get.

On the face of it that’s one list, but in reality it’s several. I like lists – the more I can make the better.

This post focuses on the clothing side of things.

Thanks to generous friends and numerous shopping trips we have managed to amass quite a stash of baby clothes, but as they’ve come in in dribs and drabs (and in lots of different sizes, right up to 2 years old) I didn’t think that we had all that we need to get us through the first few months…

our current stash...

our current stash…

I’ve had a look on several websites to gauge what people recommend for the first few weeks/months and they all suggest different things, so I have looked at all of them to come up with a basic list of what we might need. Most sites say something like “4-6 onesies” but we don’t have a tumble drier so I have slightly upped the numbers in most cases to account for washing taking longer to dry…

  • 12 x onesies (they can be day and night wear)
  • 8 x vests/body suits
  • 6 x t-shirts/tops
  • 6 x leggings/stretchy trousers
  • 3 x outfits (not really necessary, but very cute)
  • 3 x cardigans/jackets
  • 8 x socks/booties
  • few pairs of scratch mitts
  • 3 x jersey cotton hats
  • a sun hat
  • 2 or 3 sleeping bags
  • blankets/shawls (light cotton ones are best…you can always layer up)

TIP: babies outgrow small sizes (or skip them completely) so go for 0-3 month size to start with.

…a lot of sites I looked at were American and suggested something called a baby gown for the first few weeks until the cord stump falls off, but they don’t seem to be something that’s readily available in the UK. I have decided to leave them off my list as I can’t seem to find them for sale over here.

So, this is what we currently have…


  • 5 x onesies
  • 9 x short sleeve vest
  • 1 x long sleeve vest
  • 2 x t-shirts
  • 8 x pairs of socks
  • 2 x scratch mitts
  • 3 x jersey hats
(mostly) newborn stuff...

(mostly) newborn stuff…

0-3 months:

  • 9 x onesies
  • 8 x short sleeve vest
  • 3 x long sleeve vest
  • 2 x light cardigan
  • 1 x thick cardigan
  • 2 x short sleeve body suit
0-3 month stuff...

0-3 month stuff (and some 3-6 on the right too)…

…we also have one fleece and one cellular blanket (not pictured), a micro fibre blanket and one sleeping bag…


…and a couple of hooded towel/wash mitt sets (both identical…)…


…two of my favourite things are the coming home outfit that Luke and I bought for him (stripy-guitar-picky designs) and a little blue knitted cardigan that my Nan made years ago. She died when I was 25 so that in particular is really special to me…


I don’t think we’ll get any more newborn things as we have more than enough of those (even if he’s tiny we’ve got enough to get us through the first few days), but we’ll definitely need to get a few more 0-3 month size things like…

  • another pack (or two) of onesies
  • some tops
  • some trousers
  • a couple of outfits
  • another sleeping bag or two
  • some more scratch mitts

I still have a lot of other, non-clothing stuff to think about, but I’m definitely feeling a lot more in control of the clothing situation at least!…we’re one step closer to being ready…

…but I still can’t quite believe that we will have a baby joining us at some point in the next 4-9 weeks…


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Almost two years ago my friend Jess was pregnant and she was having a lot of trouble sleeping (and keeping her husband, Nick, awake to boot). One evening I was visiting them and Nick made a comment about looking forward to the arrival of the baby so that they could actually sleep, and I (thinking I was terribly funny) pointed out that they weren’t exactly going to get much sleep after the baby was born.

Ho ho ho, how funny I was. And how ignorant…

I am 7 months pregnant now and for a LONG while now I have been painfully aware of what they both meant. Babies may keep you awake using horrific torture techniques (such as constant screaming), and keep you awake all night for that matter, but when you DO fall asleep you ACTUALLY sleep. Oh what bliss it would be to actually get some quality sleep at night…even for just an hour.

For your reading pleasure, here are some of the things that I have observed about sleep during pregnancy…

…in no particular order…


I’ve had weird dreams before, and I’ve had vivid dreams before. I’ve even had weird vivid dreams (some I can still remember years and years after I had them). Now I have weird, vivid dreams every night. And LOTS of them…every night. So many of them in fact that sometimes they all blend together to make one UBERCRAZY dream that has to be picked apart the next morning.

Sometimes I dream that I’m still awake. This is the absolute WORST. I can sleep for hours on end whilst dreaming that I am awake and struggling to fall to sleep. I can’t begin to tell you how much this messes with my head.

Bathroom breaks…

Ever since I was about 6 or 7 weeks pregnant I have been going to the toilet multiple times a night. It’s quite normal. In the first trimester your frequent urination is supposed to be due to the excess fluids in your body. Once you’re more used to that, the second trimester is supposed to give you a break, but by about week 28 your baby is big enough to start reducing the size of your bladder, therefore making you need to pee more often. I may have made fewer trips to the loo in my second trimester (maybe getting up just three times) but now I’m 32 weeks I’m back to getting up 5, 6, 7 times…who knows. I don’t count anymore.


I have always snored (horrifically) when lying on my back – now I snore when I’m lying on my side too (right worse than left). It’s horrible and keeps Luke awake if he doesn’t fall asleep before me. He has spent a few nights on the sofa to get away from my pig-like snorting, but it’s not the most comfortable place to sleep so now he has some earplugs by the side of the bed. That makes me feel very bad indeed.

If it wasn’t bad enough that I keep him awake, I wake myself up too. Sometimes I hear or feel myself do it and jerk awake again. Other times I have no idea why I’m suddenly back in the room, but when I ask Luke he is quick to tell me that it’s down to my own honking.

Position Envy…

As a pregnant woman, I am supposed to sleep on my left-hand side (well, any side really, but left for best). Lying on your stomach when you’re my size is ridiculous, and lying on your back can put pressure on a major blood vessel in your spine and reduce blood flow to your heart and placenta. My pre-pregnancy routine was to lie on my side for a while, then flip to my tummy once I’d been asleep for a while. I’d often wake up with dead arms, but I always slept soundly and solidly.

Now I have the choice of one side or the other, I try to swap back and forth to stop my left hip from aching (usually after I’ve come back from one of my many missions to the loo) but if I sleep on my right-hand side I find myself snoring more (and right into Luke’s face/ear).

Sometimes I twist myself so that I’m sort of half on my front, half on my side, but then I wake up horrified that I might be crushing my bump.

Oh how I miss lying on my tummy…


I often wake up feeling like I’m turning inside out with thirst. Pregnancy can bring about rhinitis (and has done in my case) so sleeping with your mouth open isn’t uncommon. It’s probably why I snore so much more. I keep a pint of water by the bed and usually end up drinking most of it throughout the night. No wonder I pee so much…

Too hot…Too cold…I need my pillow…What is this pillow doing in my way?!…

I have more blood these days so I run a lot hotter than normal. I usually like to have my feet out of the duvet, but sometimes I can’t stand any blankets at all. We have the window open and the bed is underneath it so sometimes I’ll suddenly get cold. Luke also likes to steal the duvet. During an 8 hour stretch I’ll probably cover/uncover myself (or be uncovered) about A MILLION TIMES. Possibly less.

I also like to sleep with a pillow between my knees, and sometimes I don’t. When I DO use it, it’s a pain when I keep getting up to pee/drink/swap sides…it constantly falls on the floor or gets lost at the bottom of the bed. Sometimes I don’t use it at all or I throw it away and then, when I want it back, I have to go hunting for it. Sometimes I like to cuddle it to open out my chest and support my shoulders. Sometimes I don’t.

The bottom line is that I now require props to sleep properly, and I also don’t, depending on my mood. It. Is. Doing. My. Head. In. …

Acid Reflux…

I used to stay up late drinking gin with my friends…Now I stay up late drinking Gaviscon out of the bottle and wishing I could burp without acid burning my throat…


It’s probably the rhinitis, or the snoring, or both, but when I do eventually fall to sleep I often wake up in a pool of dribble. 

What’s worse than this is when I fall asleep with my (cupped) hand under my cheek, only to wake with a palm full of drool that I inevitably rub onto my face.

Pregnancy – it’s a glamorous and beautiful time!

Our Crappy Bed…

This one is pretty personal, but I have a feeling that it might be the key to the reason why I don’t feel like I’ve slept AT ALL in the past two months…

We used to have a terrible lumpy mattress and then we got a memory foam one that was wonderful for my SPD. The trouble is that our base is sprung and so our bed, although brilliantly squashy and comfortable, offers NO support whatsoever, and we find ourselves constantly rolling into the middle. One of the things that keeps me awake the most is the fact that I’m either trying desperately to press myself into the mattress, or to push myself away from it. This is NOT fun.

It’s also only a double. It wasn’t a problem at first, but Luke is big (6ft 2) and likes to lie diagonally across the bed, and I’m rapidly getting bigger…and bigger…and BIGGER.

Last night I spent many many hours lying awake thinking (or lying dreaming…who knows?!) about getting a new bed – or maybe just buying a massive piece of MDF to put under our existing mattress. I ended up getting up at about 6am and going to sleep on the sofa just so that I could stretch out and snore without annoying Luke or rolling on/under him.

I had finally had enough, and this morning I bought this


…it’s being delivered next Friday. I just hope I haven’t died of sleep deprivation by then…

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Reduced Fetal Movement…

Before I start, I want to make it clear that everything is fine!…and now I can begin…

So…ever since the little one turned himself head-up on Saturday his movements have been a little bit off. He’s still been moving and kicking about, but it’s been different.

Yesterday, aside from feeling a bit of pressure under my ribs (which made me think he might have flipped back to his former head down pose) he seemed to be exceptionally quiet. We were out and about for most of the day so when I got home I got straight in the bath. He really likes the bath (or really hates it…one of the two) and usually has a good old wriggle when I’m relaxing in there, but yesterday I got a half-hearted flutter or two and not much else.

After that I had a sugary drink and lay down on the bed for a few hours to relax and wait to feel him kick. I used this time wisely to watch Doctor Who, because I haven’t watched that enough (she lied convincingly). Normally he’d make his presence known after twenty minutes or so, even if it was just a tiny movement, but 90 minutes later I didn’t think I’d felt him once. I drank cold drinks, ate an ice lolly, put a cold bottle of cola on my tummy…nothing. I was on the verge of calling the delivery suite to let them know that things were different, when he decided to give me a few kicks and wriggles. I was SO tired (and quite stressed by this point) that I let relief wash over me and settled down to go to sleep.

So, morning rolls around. Normally I’d lie in bed and feel him have a shift about before I got up, but this morning there was no wriggling at all.

I fed the dogs, made tea and sat down in the garden with Luke. A hot cup of tea usually gets our boy jumping, but this morning it didn’t have any effect at all. I suddenly felt very guilty that I hadn’t called the hospital the night before. I called the midwives an hour after I’d gotten up (an hour in which I would normally have felt him move a few times at least) and told them that I was worried and that things weren’t normal, and they asked me to come in.

…but not before making me feel a bit stupid for worrying. I mean, it’s not like I know my own baby’s normal movements.

I decided to go on my own so Luke didn’t have to sit around waiting for ages. It turns out that it was a big mistake to leave the gatekeeper at home.

So, I got there and I was put into one of the delivery rooms to wait for the midwife. When she eventually came in (it was busy and I wasn’t a priority) she was nice, but also quite condescending. Amongst other things she said “And what makes you think it’s abnormal for a baby not to move for 90 minutes?!” and it was a bit like being asked trick questions in a job interview. I honestly felt that she saw me as an inconvenience…as someone who was worrying over nothing. Maybe I WAS worrying over nothing, but I have been told at EVERY midwife appointment that I need to call the delivery suite if my baby’s movements change and if I’m worried.

The movements had changed. I was worried. Q.E.D.

I had to do a urine sample (which turned out to be perfectly fine) then she measured my uterus to make sure he had enough room in there and had a good feel around to see where he was lying (head down! Huzzah!). Then it was time to monitor the baby’s heartbeat electronically. I lay on the bed and had two monitors strapped to my belly – one for the baby’s heartbeat and the other, which would usually be used to monitor contractions, was there to pick up on any movements. I was also given a manual clicker thing so that I could click when I felt him move.

After her initial brusqueness she became quite friendly and pleasant and started explaining EVERYTHING in great detail (what she was doing, how the machines worked, the things she was looking for, etc.). Her general manner was a little “odd” which made me think that perhaps she just wasn’t a people person, or was having a bad day, or that her knicker elastic was too tight…whatever it was, I forgave her initial snippy manner.

She brought me a cuppa and left me and the machine to do our thing.

15 minutes later the machine decided it knew enough to say that the baby was fine, but I’d only felt three movements so she left me for another 15 minutes to see if he did anything else….and that’s when he went all crazy dance party on me and did at least twelve separate movements. His heart rate got quite high at times while he was boinging about, but apparently that’s quite normal (just like anyone’s heart rate increase when they’re moving around).

She was really pleased with the results and said that she was happy to release me without having me seen by a doctor, and off she went to write in my notes. I was feeling quite buoyant by this point…

…and then she came back…

With a forced smile and a voice dripping in condescension she told me that “in the future” if I call the delivery suite first thing in the morning I’m likely to be met by lots of questions as to why I’m concerned, because if I’ve not been up long I’ve not given my baby chance to move. She also (with the same voice and smile) told me off for not calling the night before if I was “so worried”. She did add on the end of it all that even though the baby was fine this time I shouldn’t be put off calling them back as soon as I’m worried again, although this was less reassuring and more “just because you were a big faker today, doesn’t mean that we won’t look after you tomorrow“.

I was pretty upset when I left and had gone back to feeling like I had wasted their time.

Since then though, he’s been incredibly active and has been wriggling about and kicking the living daylights out of me ALL DAY.

He’s back to normal, and with every kick I feel more and more like I did the right thing by going in to get him checked out. His movements were definitely off  and there could very well have been something wrong with him. Thank the stars that there wasn’t anything wrong and that the two of us are fine, but I feel like my trip to the hospital should NOT have left me doubting myself and my instincts.

Today is the first time that I have had a bad experience with a midwife, and the first time that I have been made to feel out of control of my own pregnancy. She should have reassured me that I had done the right thing by calling, and not made me feel undermined. It has made me a bit fearful of having to use the Alexandra Hospital in an emergency and if, during labour, I was faced with the same midwife again, I think I would demand that she get out of the room. At least in that situation I will have Luke with me to nip the condescending comments/behaviour in the bud. All hail the gatekeeper!


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Effective Birth Preparation CD…

Yesterday I finally got round to opening my Effective Birth Preparation CD from Natal Hypnotherapy (which I got as part of the workshop we did over the weekend).

Lucy had told us that it had a few extras inside but I wasn’t expecting to find so many useful resources when I opened it…


Firstly there’s a ‘Mini Guide to Effective Birth Preparation’ booklet which gives you information under headings like:

  • What contributes to making childbirth painful?
  • How does being relaxed make a difference?
  • How can hypnosis help with birth?
  • Optimal Conditions for a calm, gentle birth
  • Role of the birth partner

…there’s a lot more, but this should give you an idea of the sorts of things it covers. It’s only 20 pages long and is very quick to read, which is great because Luke will be able to read it without having to make it through the whole Effective Birth Preparation “text book”. I know he’s been on the course but it’ll be a great refresher.

Also contained inside the CD case is a sticker (for the front of your pregnancy notes) to let the midwives know that you’re using Natal Hypnotherapy to prepare for birth, as well as a 4-sided data sheet to keep with your notes for the midwives to read. It’s to the point, tells the uninitiated about the finer points of Natal Hypnotherapy. It also makes them aware that, as I’m using relaxation techniques, I may seem calmer than they expect and be further along than they might assume.

Adding to that, there’s a handy card to stick on the door of your labour room to let people know that there’s a “Natal Hypnotherapy birth in progress” and that they should refer to the Midwives Data for more information about it.

Finally, there is this useful fold-out-slot-together resource that can sit somewhere in the labour room for the birthing mother, birth partner and midwives to refer to during the labour…


I was thoroughly impressed…and that’s before I’d even put the CD in my machine!

On the CD itself there are three tracks. The first is a simple, short introduction from Maggie Howell. She advises that you and your birth partner read the booklet and listen to the CD in a waking state (e.g. sat together at the kitchen table) so that you can take it in properly. That way you can talk about the parts of it that resonate with you and that you want to focus on or utilise during the birth. She also suggests that you pick a physical trigger for relaxation (I like Luke’s hands on my shoulders) and that your birth partner use this touch on you while you’re listening to the CD to prepare for birth, and that it can later be used during labour to quickly put you into the same relaxed, hypnotic state.

I was keen to get started and Luke was busy decorating the hallway so I chose to ignore these suggestion for the time being. I skipped to track 2 (the birth preparation hypnosis session) and settled back on the bed, propped up on a pile of pillows to relax for the next 38 minutes.

I chose not to lie on my side as this is the position I sleep in at the moment, and the position I’d done all the weekend hypnosis sessions in. I snore quite badly at the moment and it’s far FAR worse on my back, hence why I’d avoided it in front of strangers…as it was, I wish I’d avoided it for my solitary session too…

Firstly, I felt like I couldn’t relax my neck properly and so I spent good few minutes feeling slightly uncomfortable and a bit distracted. Thankfully, it didn’t last long and I soon drifted away from my normal concious state – but that’s when the snoring started. I wasn’t asleep…well, I don’t think I was anyway. I was mostly aware of the snoring – I just went with it and felt like I was doing it a) because of the position I was lying in, and b) because I was SO relaxed.

As it was, despite (mostly) being aware of both the snoring and the fact that I was listening to the CD, I don’t really remember a whole lot of what was said. There were points where I would be aware of what Maggie was saying, but then I’d lose it again. I can remember having the vague feeling that I was falling in and out of sleep HOWEVER…the CD ends with the words “…4…and…5…eyes open…and…wide awake”, and with those words I found myself stretching (the instruction just after the count of 3 that I don’t remember) and coming awake/aware.

I did feel as if I’d been sleeping, but just like the real life sessions we’d done with Lucy, the closing words of the hypnosis HAD brought me round to “conciousness” and so I can only assume that I must have had some degree of awareness to what was going on during the hypnosis session itself. It does say in the mini guide (and Lucy pointed this out in her sessions) that doesn’t matter if you do drop off to sleep, as your subconscious will still pick up on the words, AND you are quite obviously becoming very relaxed.

Afterwards I was SO relaxed that I curled up on my side and actually did go to sleep. Luke came to wake me about half an hour later and he had to talk to me and stroke my face for a minute or two before I came round. I was definitely asleep that time!

The last track is a 15 minute “Relaxation Session” that I also haven’t listened to yet. I guess I should have put it on just before I curled up and rolled over but I was so relaxed I didn’t even bother acknowledging that my laptop existed, let alone make the effort switch to the next track. I foolishly forgot to queue the tracks up before I started.

It was only my first time of using the CD and I haven’t had chance to listen to it “awake” yet, but I am already feeling even more at ease than I was after the weekend workshop. I was looking around on the internet a while later and came across this video, which normally would have had me feeling a mild twinge of panic…but I relaxed and breathed as I watched it and I felt completely fine.

I’m really looking forward to getting the time to sit and listen to it with Luke and talk more about the things we both want to happen during labour and after our baby’s birth. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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31 Weeks!…

Monday was the start of my 31st week of pregnancy.

I’m not sure if I’ve posted any bump photos up until now (it’s late as I’m writing this and I’m tiiiired) so here is a picture of me in my nightie on Monday…


Our baby boy could be with us any time really, but hopefully he’ll wait until he’s full term, so anywhere from 6-11 weeks from now…not that we’re ready yet! This is a quick round up of us so far…

We’ve got our car seat and quite a lot of baby clothes (more about that in another post) but we’re got a lot more stuff that we need to amass yet.

I’m no longer wearing any of my rings. I took off my engagement ring (which I wear on my right hand) and my thumb ring as I got larger (read: fatter), but my wedding ring only came off when the hot weather started to cause my hands to swell.

The small one has been head down for WEEKS, but he decided to get a change of scenery over the weekend. I was sat in an awkward position for one of the breathing exercises (my own fault entirely) and I felt his bottom slide round to my side. Despite my best efforts to massage him back he slipped into a transverse position and then went head up as the evening wore on. His movements have changed now that feet are down in my pelvis and his hands are above my belly button…it’s very odd. I am now doing lots of inversions (mostly downward dog) and sitting on my swiss ball to try and get him back in an optimal position.

Sleep is getting harder and harder to maintain. I wake up at LEAST six time every night, desperate for the loo/to lie on my back/stomach, or because I’m snoring so loud I wake myself up (or because I’m snoring so loud that Luke is begging me to roll onto a different side…or because my SPD is biting me in the ass.

My stretch marks are getting worse, despite the oil, but I’m caring less about them, especially after watching this…(I love this woman)…

“I’m a factory. I’m like a real, legit FACTORY.”

…but besides all of that, everything is great. I’m really enjoying pregnancy (all apart from the lack of sleep and the pelvic pain and the stretch marks).

It’s weird but most of the time I can’t even tell that my bump is there unless I put my hands on it or look at it. I forgot to make allowances for it when trying to squeeze past things, and some nights I’ll cuddle up to Luke and be surprised by the fact that my stomach touches him before I’m expecting it to.

Another weird thing is that before I was pregnant I would often look down on my belly and think “THAT’S HUGE!”, but a glance in the mirror would tell me that it was nowhere near as big as I thought it was. Now I look down at my bump and think that it’s quite small really…and then I look in the mirror and think “BLAAAADY HELL MY BELLY IS MASSIVE!”….it’s very strange.


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