Being Productive!…

30 Jun

Last night Luke was out with his friends so I used the free time I had to watch Harry Potter (yay) and work on some of the lists I’d set myself.

I did a massive amount of googling and collated a list of EVERYTHING that the top searches recommend taking into hospital with you. Then I narrowed it down to the things I think I’ll need (most of the stuff actually…there wasn’t much narrowing), so now all I need to do is break it down into several smaller bags (one for the birth/one in case I need to stay in hospital/one for the baby/one for Luke/one for food)…

…then I need to figure out what I already have (not much) and what we need to buy (most of it).

Once I’d done that I googled what you need for a baby for the first few months and, predictably, collated those lists into one big one, then narrowed it down to suit us (e.g…we’re not getting a pram or a baby bath, and I’m going to breastfeed exclusively so bottles, teats and sterilisers won’t be needed at first).

I left that one at that. I was feeling pretty motivated, but not quite motivated enough to start going through all the stuff we’ve already aquired for our little.

Then – inspired by the things we need, a desire to be more ecological, and wanting to get away from the lists – I started hunting around for advice and information on reusable baby wipes…and then I went shopping for cheap face cloths and cute cotton flannel fabric (more about that in another post)…

I also researched sleeping bags vs. sheets/blankets, picked out some nursing bras for sleeping in (and to wear during labour), and decided to use reusable breast pads rather than  disposable ones.

I did all that AND at some point during the evening I found time to clean the kitchen…

…and I had KFC for dinner…

…it was a good night!

At the end of it (I could have carried on but Luke wanted the light out) I put the laptop away, lay back on the bed, and felt a little bottom poking out the side of my belly. All of a sudden I realised how scrunched up I had been while sitting at the computer and felt VERY worried indeed. I always put the laptop up on a box so I’m not having to bend over it, but that doesn’t necessarily stop me from sitting in a rubbish position. Could I have squished the baby?!…

I panicked.

I tried to relax and wait for him to wriggle or kick. I think I relaxed for about 10 seconds before grabbing my phone and asking google if it was possible to squash my unborn child by sitting wonky.

The answer is no…but I still had to visit several websites and forums before I’d believe it.

And then he rolled over and kicked me in the rib.


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