A List…of Lists…

28 Jun

Today marks the start of week 30 of my pregnancy. I’ve got 7-12 weeks of pregnancy left (that’s hoping that our little doesn’t decide to put in an early appearance), which is loads (LOADS) of time to plan and organise.

Yeah right

I should have started already, but I haven’t, so this is a list of lists I need to write (and then put into action)…

  • baby stuff we need for the early days
    • (sub list) baby stuff we already have
    • (sub list) baby stuff we still need to get
  • things I want to MAKE before his arrival
    • (sub list) crafting supplies I need
  • things I need to DO before his arrival
  • what to put in my hospital bag (and baby’s…and Luke’s)
    • (sub list) all the stuff we need to get for the hospital bag(s)
  • labour music playlist

…and then there’s all the things I need to find out more about (like do we use sheets or a sleeping bag? what washing liquid should we get? what’s the best fabric for making baby wipes? how do I use a sewing machine?)…

…and all that is just the THEORY of us getting organised…


At least I’m realising this now and not in 5 or 6 week’s time. I shall report back accordingly.


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3 responses to “A List…of Lists…

  1. bloodsugarecmomagik

    June 29, 2015 at 11:28 pm

    Thank you! You’ve reminded me of things I need to get organised for the arrival of my baby no.2! Time is going too fast!
    Hi-5 for Sept ’15 babies though 😆✋

    • onegirlandacampervan

      June 30, 2015 at 4:29 pm

      Weird isn’t it?…for so long it feels too early to be planning and getting ready, then suddenly you realise that time is going by SO much quicker than you’d like 🙂
      Hi-5s back!! When are you due? Xx


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