Yoga Over Dose…

24 Jun

So, I already told you that I (some) of this yoga video yesterday…

…and that it (with it’s emphasis on squatting) gave me bambi legs…

Well, yesterday was also my regular day for my antenatal yoga class and, even though I felt wrecked from the squats and the heat and my largeness, I sucked it up and went along anyway. Hardcore.

Luckily we weren’t doing too much hard work last night, but we did do some squatting and so today I am feeling raaather sore around the thighs.

These are some of the things that I have struggled to do this morning:-

  • walking up the stairs
  • walking down the stairs
  • sitting down on the toilet
  • getting back up off the toilet
  • squatting down to pick things up off the floor
  • getting back up off the floor again

…mostly anything that requires me to use my legs really.

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