Stretching Out…

23 Jun

So after giving into my self-pity and posting my last blog entry (in which I bewailed my weight gain), I woke up yesterday morning with the beginnings of the dreaded pregnancy affliction…



I’ve already got a megatonne of them (now all silvery and faded) from rapid weight gain/loss during my teenage years. They’re mostly the long tiger-stripe kind and they live on my hips, tummy, upper arms, thighs, the backs of my knees…everywhere. I’ve grown so used to having them that I don’t even think about them anymore. I know they’re there but I don’t mind them at all, even though some are as thick as my index finger).

These new marks are tiny little dotty type affairs that sit either side of my belly button and will (eventually) give my tummy the look of an over-stretched deflated balloon. Joy of joys.

I’ve been moisturising like mad since the start of my pregnancy (Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for stretch marks) so I felt a bit powerless yesterday when Luke pointed them out to me…what else could I do?! And then he reminded me of the oil he’d bought me MONTHS ago (that I’d since failed to use)…


It’s called JUST4MUMS, it smells wonderfully of baby powder, and it is incredibly rich feeling on your skin. I applied it after getting out of the bath (with cocoa butter on top for luck) and then again before bed.

When I went to put more on this morning I noticed that it has ALREADY faded my new marks. I am totally gobsmacked.

It’s bloody brilliant! I can’t recommend it enough. I plan to swim in the stuff twice daily…

In other stretchy-type news, I have also discovered a great set of prenatal yoga videos on YouTube. Since my moan the other day I have decided to do *most* of this video every morning…

I can’t do all of it because some of the moves aggravate my Pelvic Girdle Pain, and I can’t always do the full amount of reps because I’m overweight and weaker than I was (very depressing considering I’m an ex-rollergirl who prided herself on the strength of her thighs) but I’m confident that I’ll get stronger (better, faster) with each day that I do it.

I’m feeling a lot more motivated and energised.

Well, mentally anyway…physically (after all those squats) I feel a bit like bambi taking his first steps…

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