Tea and Cake Date…

18 Jun

Today I had my 28 week whooping cough vaccine. The needle was quite sharp and the injection itself was quite achey. The nurse (who was lovely) told me that it’d probably ache for a few days but I spent the rest of the day blissfully painfree…until I rubbed my arm after having a bath this evening…


Now it’s aching a LOT.

Tomorrow, I not only have to go back to the hospital in the morning for my glucose tolerance test after my epic fail on Tuesday (which involves two blood tests…hoo-bloody-ray), but I also have to go to an afternoon appointment for an anti-d injection to stop my rhesus negative blood from creating antibodies against my baby.

Four needles in two days?…I’m feeling a bit like the NHS’s pincushion. All of these things are necessary, so I’m not bewailing them TOO much, but I did feel like I was deserving of a mid-stabbing pick me up….so Luke took me to The Constance Wallace Tea Shop to feed me tea and cake, and to cheer me up.

I’ve blogged about The Tea Shop before, but we had such a lovely time today that I thought it couldn’t hurt to sing their praises another time.

I had their afternoon tea (again) and it didn’t disappoint (again)…although my eyes were FAR too big for my belly this time round,

At the start of my pregnancy I could eat til I was stuffed and then eat some more…and once I was done, I could probably handle a dessert or two. Now I’m in my third trimester I can’t manage a lot of food in one sitting, no matter how hungry I feel when I start eating. I have to eat slowly too, otherwise I overeat before I realise that I’m full and then I’m in for PAIN (and then all I want to do is lie down and feel sorry for myself)…

Despite knowing this I still wanted to eat all of this


…needless to say, I didn’t manage it all and had to take the little cakes home with me. It was all delicious…so delicious that I ate it all far too quickly and managed to eat more of it than I should have. Luke doesn’t love cake as much as I do, so he turned down my offer of sharing and almost had to roll me back to the car…

Last time I went, the others all had toasted sandwiches (which looked very good indeed) and Luke almost went for one of those today, but decided to have a salmon quiche at the last minute…


It came with salad, crisps and coleslaw and was also delicious. I know this because I did NOT turn down his offer of sharing!

Just like last time, the service was as good as the food, and we both had a fantastic time. It was very nice to have a relaxing (and decadent) hour together amidst all these hospital appointments, and our little boy joined in too, with plenty of kicks and wriggles…I think he loves cake as much as me.

I’m on my 12-hour fast now, so I’ve not been able to have anything except for tap water since 9pm. I saved my cakes right until the last moment and had them with a massive mug of tea at about quarter to nine…I keep wanting to go and get a glass of milk (one of my current cravings) but I’m being a good girl and sipping on water…*sigh*

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