GTT – The AM Reprise…

16 Jun

Following on from yesterday’s post …I got to the hospital this morning, told them what I’d done (eggs…tea…forgetting) and got sent home.


The ladies in the blood clinic were very nice about it all. They reassured me that I’m not an idiot (except I am) and that I’m not the first (or last) person to have to rearrange an appointment.

They couldn’t rebook me in at the clinic so I had to call the antenatal team (who were also lovely) and now I have another appointment on Friday at 9.15am. I’ve set an alarm on my phone to tell me when I’ve got to stop eating on Thursday night…and one an hour before that so I don’t get to 9.15pm and realise that I haven’t eaten!

It’s not all bad though. Right now I should be sat in a waiting room with 45 minutes ahead of me before another blood test…but I am now lying on my bed with this in my belly…


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