Glucose Tolerance Test…

15 Jun

In lieu of a “proper” post, I thought I’d blog about my epic fail this evening…

My dad has developed diabetes in the past few years, which is probably a lot to do with his age (ha ha, sorry da!) and his diet, but because of this I am classed as higher risk for gestational diabetes. This means that i have been referred for a glucose tolerance test (yay).

A stupid part of me thought that it’d be a simple pin prick test for blood sugar and nothing else. Not reading the letter from the hospital properly played a big part in this naive assumption…

So, today someone on a Facebook group happened to mention being referred for a GTT, and that got me thinking that I should probably take a look at my letter and make sure all was well.

On the BACK of my letter, I found this (kind of important) information…


Basically, you fast for 12 hours, they test your blood sugars and then they give you an IMMENSELY sugary drink and leave you to sit still in the waiting room for two hours begore testing your blood again.


In a waiting room.

Being still.


But that’s not the best part…My test is at 9am, and at 9.30pm this evening I was just washing down my 3 egg omelette (plus cheese) with a nice cup of tea.


So I’m guessing that the hospital will either make me wait til 9.30am for my test or make me reschedule it for another day. I’ll just have to see what they say when I confess to my idiocy…

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