Twenty Week Scan…

11 Jun

Today we are going to Babybond in Dudley for a 4D scan of our baby, so I thought it’d be a good day to FINALLY write a post about our 20 week scan. I’m only seven weeks late in writing it…

At the 12 week (dating) scan in February we found out that I was actually only 11 weeks pregnant – my cycle is a little longer than 28 days so the generic dating wheel the doctor uses had pushed me ahead a bit. Once the midwives knew this, my 20 week scan was set for the 22nd April, and those nine weeks seemed to stretch ahead of me endlessly. I tried not to wish them away, wanting to enjoy being pregnant (even when it was crap), but as the date got closer it was all I could think about.

It was my birthday on April 17th and we had tickets to go to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, something I’ve wanted to do for AGES, but I even found myself wanting the trip out of the way, wishing that we were at the scan instead.

I. Could. Not. Wait.

I wanted to see our baby again, and I was desperate to know if we were having a boy or a girl. I thought it’d make things seem more real, I thought it’d help me bond more if I could refer to our little one as ‘he’ or ‘she’, and I couldn’t wait to start picking names (we hadn’t given it too much thought at this point as we’d been finding it difficult to agree…we decided to leave it til we knew if it was worth arguing over a particular girl’s name or not…). At first I hadn’t even wanted to know what flavour we were having (Team Yellow) but Luke had been really keen to know, and that keenness had REALLY affected me. By 18 weeks I wanted to know more than he did.

I was SO keen in fact, that I hadn’t even stopped to consider what the scan was actually for, despite knowing that it wasn’t a gender scan. I was so preoccupied with what I *might* learn that the name of the scan had never even crossed my mind. It was only when a friend asked me what the scan was for, saying “anomalies sounds so vague” that I began to actually think about what the scan was going to entail.

I realised that other than checking for arms, legs and a head, I had no idea what anomalies they might be looking for. I couldn’t be any more specific without asking my good friend, Google. So I did, and I found this handy reference on BabyCentre. And then the worrying began.

It was mostly silent, introverted worry. I knew that I was being silly and that no amount of panic would change what the upcoming scan was going to show so, not wanting to worry Luke, I kept my fears to myself…well, right up until the day before. Way to go, Lou.

Mom had missed my birthday so we’d planned to go for a meal on the evening of the scan to celebrate my new status as a 33 year old, and hopefully to also toast finding out the gender of our baby. We hadn’t really planned it much at all other than saying we were going out for food and my sister wanted me to commit to a time and a place. After keeping the stress to myself for so many days I finally cracked and yelled at her that if there was something wrong with the baby we probably wouldn’t feel in the mood to celebrate anything. It was an over-reaction to say the least, and one that I probably could have avoided by, you know, not bottling it all up until I felt like I might explode.

Quite understandably, this was the point when Luke’s worries began.

Luckily our appointment was at 9am so we didn’t have long to worry together, although I felt terrible that Luke looked so pale as we arrived at the hospital and took seats in the waiting room.

The very first thing the sonographer asked after bringing up a picture of our baby on the monitor was if we were going to find out the sex. When we said yes he said without any hesitation (but plenty of pregnant pauses…if you’ll excuse the pun…)

“Well…I think…that this…is…a…boy!”

I’d been utterly convinced we were having a girl…my intuition is obviously RUBBISH.


I turned to Luke with an excited grin and whispered “We’re having a BOY!” he smiled back looking a little relieved, but he was still desperate to know if our son was healthy, saying “Yes, but he’s okay isn’t he?!”.

The sonographer told us he had about half an hour’s worth of checks to do before he could say that for sure. I was feeling calmer by this point, just overjoyed to know the gender of our baby, but it was still a very tense half hour. I think it might have been the longest thirty minutes of my life, watching his little shape moving around on the monitor and hearing the sonographer call out different body parts to the lady at the computer.

When it came to looking at his face our Mini hid underneath my belly button and refused to come out. I ended up having to go to the toilet to get him to move…KY Jelly smeared all over my clothes where I’d been a bit too enthusiastic about the pee-break and pulled my jeans up without taking the tissue I was being offered. Nice.

A bit later, as he pushed the camera into the side of my belly the sonographer laughed and pointed out that our baby boy was pushing back at it with his feet…


By the end of our appointment was got the wonderful WONDERFUL news that our son had passed all the checks and was measuring up well. We paid £10 for three pictures but ended up with nine. Their printer was playing up at our 12 week scan, putting odd lines across the picture so we ended up getting those for free…I have a sneaking suspicion that the same thing happened again at our 20 week scan, hence all the freebies.

Obviously, we can never be sure if the gender prediction was correct, but hopefully if our scan today says the same thing we can rest assured that our little boy wont come out without a winky (as Nursie from Blackadder might say).

Anyway…we have to head off shortly for our midwife appointment and 4D scan so I’ll stop wittering on and actually get ready…

I’m incredibly excited!….and just a little scared…

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