Bonding With Baby – 4D…

09 Jun

When we had our 20 week scan (which I have yet to write about *ahem*) I was pretty sad to realise that it’d be our last glimpse of our baby in utero. Considering that the first scan is to date your pregnancy and the second is to check for visible anomalies/defects, and that neither of them are for the fun of the parent, I don’t know what else I was expecting from free healthcare, but there you go.

Up until that point I hadn’t really been bothered about 4D scans but suddenly it has become all I can think about…

I did a bit of searching online for the best companies to use and found that after a certain point (week 30-32 depending on what website you’re looking at) the baby is too large and too low in your pelvis for the sonographer to get a good look at them. Despite the fact that I’m only 27 weeks pregnant I then had a MASSIVE panic that I’d left it too late to book a scan, utterly convinced that they had waiting lists as long as a very long thing. I was very wrong about this…booking has not been a problem in the least (at least not with Babybond, the company that I’ve chosen).

I spent a while comparing different companies and different packages. There’s SO many companies offering scans at so many different prices (and with so many variables) that it can get quite confusing. I ended up having to write down the ones that interested me, listing what they each offered against bullet-points…mostly because this helped me make sense of exactly what was what, and only partly because I enjoy making lists and tick-charts…

All I really wanted was to see our baby (for as long a time as possible), have the gender confirmed (again) and have a DVD of the experience to watch back (and maybe show to anyone who wants to see it). I also wanted to know that our Mini one is okay in there, maybe get an idea of how he/she likes to lie and the actual position of my placenta (“at the front” is a very vague location). A few pictures would be nice too, but I couldn’t care less about keyrings, bragging books or heartbeat bears.

What I really want is to be able to visualise our baby and our impending parenthood. That’s why I’m so keen to have this scan and why I was so worried that I’d missed out on the chance to do it.

It may sound silly, but I’m still having a lot of trouble wrapping my brain around the idea that there is a baby growing inside me. I go into more (confusing) detail in yesterday’s post, but suffice to say, I KNOW there’s a baby in there, I just don’t get how there possibly could be. It’s a weird dichotomous feeling, but there you go…I’m weird.

Anyway, to get back to the point, I weighed up my options and in the end I chose to go for Babybond’s 4D Bonding Scan (Option II) because it includes:

  • 30 minute extended diagnostic appointment
  • Babybond well-being checklist
  • Growth report with fetal weight estimation
  • Complimentary sexing of your baby if requested
  • 2D and 3D b/w prints taken throughout your scan in sleeve
  • 1 x colour gloss 3D scan print
  • DVD recording of scan in sleeve with your choice of white, blue or pink Babybond bag, to take home.

…and they offer a complimentary re-scan if your baby isn’t in a ‘favourable position’.

It is a little more expensive (between £5-15) than some of the other places I considered that offered similar packages, but I liked the fact that they have lots of locations (three all within a 30-40 minute drive of my house), and that their Dudley branch offers ultrasoundHD™  for no extra charge. Their reviews seemed pretty good too. Don’t get me wrong, not all their reviews are great, but the “bad” ones mostly seem to be from people who expected too much from their scan, and the good reviews FAR outnumber the bad.

So, we’re all booked in and the deposit has been paid. I didn’t even have to ring up during business hours as you can do it all online, which is brilliant considering I always forget to do these things until it’s too late to call. All you do is chose the scan you’d like, your preferred location and your due date and then it gives you all the open appointment times in drop-down menus next to the available dates.

Remember what I said about being worried about really long waiting lists? Yeah…when I sat down to book it last night, one of the options I had was first thing this morning! That seemed a bit TOO soon so I booked one for Thursday afternoon after our next midwife appointment.

Originally I had wanted to have it done at about week 30 to mark the halfway point between our 20 week scan and my due date, but I was overcome with excitement when I realised I could go THIS WEEK and so ended up booking it in a fit of self-indulgent madness. It wasn’t til after I’d typed in my card details and committed to doing it that the enormity of it hit me…

…we are going to see our baby in two days…

…we are going to see our baby in TWO DAYS…

…we are going to see OUR BABY in two days…

I have been nervous for each of my scans (nervous to the point of terror for the 20 weeks “anomaly” scan) but this is a completely new feeling. Not only am I worried that it might show us something is wrong (please PLEASE don’t show us anything wrong), but this will be more real than anything we’ve seen or heard before. This won’t be an impersonal 2D slice of our baby, this will be our Mini in glorious (HD) 4D…moving, hiccuping, thumb-sucking. It will be amazing. It will be terrifying.

I’m SO scared.

…but I also can’t wait…


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2 responses to “Bonding With Baby – 4D…

  1. glitzglamandagoal

    June 9, 2015 at 1:14 pm

    I’m a little sceptical about looking at the baby in 4D. Was it quite clear?

    Please feel free to have a look at my recent blog post about sickness. Also comment if you can ☺️ congratulations on your pregnancy.

    • onegirlandacampervan

      June 9, 2015 at 3:25 pm

      We’ve not gone yet so I’ll let you know 🙂
      I am a bit sceptical too TBH…I’ve seen other people’s pictures and they don’t look THAT much like the actual baby. And they’re very VERY expensive…but…I’m totally nvinced that I’ll go into labour still not quite believing that I’m pregnant. I’m hoping that this look inside will be the one that makes it all real!!
      Thanks for the link to your blog and many congratulations to you too!!


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