Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction?…Pt 1…

01 Jun

Or: A more detailed account of why the GP I saw is an idiot…

(Or: I like to repeat myself for the sake of clarity…)

I was around 13 weeks pregnant and just starting to get over morning sickness (or constant “I feel like I’m on a boat” nausea with hardly any puking, as it was in my case) when I started to feel a pain in my pelvis.

It started off as a twinge in my butt cheek…a little biting sensation when I put my weight on my right leg that felt a LOT like sciatica. I’d notice it more when I was doing a lot of walking around, and it started to really affect me when I was climbing the stairs. Sometimes I’d be fine, but other times the sudden pain would cause me to yell out (which was quite worrying for my family and co-workers!) and sometimes my leg wouldn’t take my weight and it made me stumble.

At its absolute worst it was so intense and painful  that I couldn’t pick my leg up, let alone put it down again. Unfortunately, I happened to be in the middle of Redditch town centre and a five-minute walk from the car when I got to feel this extreme of pain. Luckily my sister was there to act as a crutch…

Looking back I also had a terrible “seperatey” pain in the right side of my pelvis when I propped myself up in bed that was (obviously, in hindsight) completely related, but that I’d chosen to ignore and put down to a crappy mattress. I was feeling a lot of random internal shooting pains in my pelvic area too.

It didn’t hurt all the time, but it began to hurt more and more often, and was always got worse the more I did. Eventually it got to the point where I couldn’t face another day of dragging myself around work, so I booked myself in for an emergency appointment with a doctor to try and get some physiotherapy sorted.  After disagreeing with me that I was suffering from sciatica or PGP, he did agree that I needed physiotherapy, but he refused to refer me until I had spoken to my midwife to see if she could refer me quicker. For reference, he handed me a list of phone numbers for physiotherapy centres in my town and suggested I call them to see how quickly they could fit me in.

If he’d have referred me as an emergency I’d have been seen by a physiotherapist in three days (which the first clinic I rang told me that the doctor should have known, what with it being his JOB and everything) so I decided to forego his “help” and put my faith in the midwives instead.

As it went, I had to wait a day for the community midwives to call me back and tell me that I’d been referred to the hospital. They said that I’d get a letter through the post to book myself into a clinic, but that I should call the hospital straight away (before the letter arrived) to make sure that I got onto a session that same week. I got booked into a clinic a week after my initial appointment with the GP and felt confident that I’d be feeling better soon…

…and then the letter arrived…

…and then I started to panic…

I obviously hadn’t listened properly to the hospital receptionist on the phone as I thought I was going to be seeing a physio about my worsening sciatica, but the letter told me that I had been referred to a Pelvic Girdle Pain clinic.

Now, although I thought the doctor had gotten it wrong about my sciatica, I thought he was right in saying that  I wasn’t suffering from SPD…and so, in my hormonal-pregnant-mental state I decided that I had been referred for the wrong sort of therapy…that I was going to end up being thrown out of the clinic…that a group of pregnant women would scorn and mock me for being where I wasn’t supposed to be…

Most of all I panicked that was going to be weeks before I got the help I needed.

…coming next…The Clinic…

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