23 Weeks and Feeling Wriggly…

15 May

I’m close approaching 24 weeks pregnant and there are a LOT of things that I thought I’d have had chance to write about by now. Amongst other things…

…we have had our 20 week scan…

…we know the gender of our baby, and the reason why I haven’t been feeling as much movement as I thought I would (neither of which I’m going to reveal just yet)…

I’m working on getting these things written about and posted, but it’s hard at the moment as I am SO TIRED.

I’m finding work very difficult at the moment, and by the end of the day it’s all I can do to drag myself to my car and drive home, let alone get myself together to write in the evening. My days off are usually spent in a haze of cleaning and sorting and trying to do all the things I’m too tired to do on work days. By the time I’ve finished all that I’ve got just about enough energy to fall asleep with my head on my husband’s shoulder. Snoring, more often than not.

I wanted to write this post, partly to apologise for my lack of content – and to promise that words are on their way – but mostly to share the baby happenings of today while it still is today…I didn’t want to just add it to the ‘to write’ list and maybe manage to document it in about 5 weeks.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the little thumps and kicks that I’d been feeling from the baby, and about the farts that I thought were kicks, and finally (and most exciting of all) about the kicks that I’d actually seen.

Well, it seems that our little one is getting stronger and more persistent as each day passes (and bigger too, if the round ligament pain is anything to go by)…

Not only have there been more visible kicks (and there have been a few of those), but I’ve also been a weird pressure and firmness in the bottom of my bump when I lay down on my back that I guess is a bottom or a foot pressing outwards. In the past week or so I’ve started to experience the same feeling when I’m standing/walking around, which is both very exciting and incredibly odd…like the little one is playing at being a starfish. A strong little starfish.

Even more exciting (and odder) than that, I was sitting in the car on my way to work this morning when I felt what I think must have been our baby actually turning – twisting and wriggling around – for the first time ever. Forget starfish, think octopus writhing.

It was a little like the butterflies you get in your stomach as you go over an unexpected drop, or like the flutters of sudden, unexplained anxiety. As I focus on it more, I realised that it probably also felt quite a bit like a small human rolling over in my uterus. It was totally new, totally different to anything I’ve felt before…it was totally amazing. I felt excited and scared, and just a little queasy.

I’ve felt the same, complete baby movement a couple of times today, but none of the others have been as strong and definite as those first twisty squirms that I felt this morning. I can’t wait to feel it again…

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