Counting The Kicks…aka Zzzzzzzz

29 Apr

I’m 21 weeks pregnant now and my Mini should be awake every hour or so. At this stage, I should be able to feel all the little kicks and stretches that come with my babba’s wakefulness.

Most of the time I get overcome with excitement when I feel something stirring…but then I get awfully disappointed when it turns out to be just (another) fart…


As walking around can often lull the little one to sleep, it’s recommended that you lie on your left side (the best side for your circulation) for two hours and count the baby’s movements. You should feel at least ten individual “kicks”, and hiccups don’t count (not that I’d know the difference).

This is all well and good, but if I lie on my side with the intention of counting kicks, I’m often asleep before I’ve even counted one.

Saying that though…last week I was propped up on my bed reading when I felt an almighty kick from within. I looked down at my belly as another kick followed, and this time I saw it too! I actually SAW our baby’s movements…mind blowing stuff.

It hasn’t happened again since, but I can’t wait to see it again.

Now it’s time for me to lie down and nap count the kicks…

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