My Bounty Mum-to-be Pack…

28 Apr

At our first pregnancy GP appointment (with the nice doctor) I got given a copy of Emma’s Diary: a week by week guide to your pregnancy


…and then, at my first midwife appointment, I got my Bounty Pregnancy Information Folder…


…which has another magazine, some free samples (decaf tea and Pregnacare supplements to name two I haven’t used), lots of leaflets and flyers and some information about the local hospital and maternity services.

Both come with forms to fill out to get free packs from Bounty and Johnson’s. I don’t plan on using products from either of those companies, but I’m not one to turn down free stuff so I collected my Newborn Essentials Pack from Boots a while ago…


(It’s rammed with free products! It’s just a shame they’re Johnson’s!)…


…and today I finally got round to picking up my Bounty Mum-to-be Pack from Boots today…


It alleges to have “Contents worth at least £15” inside, but you have to look pretty hard to find the value in it…


As “free product samples” go, there was a (teeny weeny) pot of Sudocrem, and a pen with a Pregnacare logo. There was also a Baby Product Guide (…


It’s supposed to cost £3 but I don’t know many people who would pay that for a book of adverts!

The only other freebies I could find amongst the leaflets for ISAs, life insurance and suppliers of baby products was a code for a free Graze box (they’re very good so I’ll probably redeem it)…


There was also voucher for £20 off an Ocado shop, but I’m not counting that as you have to spend £80 to qualify for the saving.

The only really useful thing in there was a leaflet about my baby’s movements, which was, incidentally, the only thing that wasn’t trying to sell me something.

I am really struggling to see how on earth the contents could be worth more than £15 (unless you include the Ocado voucher) and (although it was free) I’m really not impressed. I’ve had a look online at some forums and a few mums are saying that if you pick your Mum-to-be pack up from Asda you get a free gift from George (scratch mitts or a hooded towel have been mentioned). I wish I’d known that before trundling off to Boots!

According to the mums on the Babycentre forum, there’s also a pack called the Mama Pack which contains ethically sourced products in a biodegradable bag, but it’s proving pretty impossible to find any available. I’ll report back on those when (or if) I manage to find somewhere that stocks them!


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