Carrot Cake and (Caffe Nero) Coffee…by My Hubby…

26 Apr

Today Luke decided to try his first carrot cake, so I thought I’d annoy him help him and take photos along the way!

We had a look online and – although we discovered that there is (apparently) NO PLACE FOR RAISINS IN CARROT CAKE – had a go at a BBC Food recipe that we only remastered slightly.

It was pretty easy and went a little like this…

First, heat the oven to 180 degrees, then line and grease your tin(s)…we decided to use loaf tins and liners to save a bit of time/greasing (we got ours from Poundland along with these handy measuring contraptions!)…


Grate 140g of carrots…

Next, mix 175g of light muscovado sugar, 175ml sunflower oil and 3 beaten eggs together.


Add the grated carrot and raisins (we omitted to add orange zest at this point as the oranges in Tesco smelt plasticy and horrible) and stir well (Luke had me working by this point so I forgot to take a photo…)

Sift in 175g of SR flour, 1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda and spices…we used 1 tsp of mixed spice and 1 tsp of cinnamon…


…stir lightly until well combined and then pour into your tin/tins.




Pop the tin/tins into the oven.

We followed the time the recipe suggested and left them in for 40 minutes…



…could probably have done with knocking 5 minutes off the cooking time. The loaves were lovely and moist, but the bottoms were the tiniest bit overcooked.


While we waited for them to cool, I used a Hummingbird Bakery recipe to make Cream Cheese Frosting for the tops of the loaves.

It’s a really simple recipe, but I found that I covered the whole kitchen in sugar when I tried to combine 300g of icing sugar and 50g of unsalted butter with an electric whisk (as the recipe suggests you do first)…so I mixed the cream cheese in earlier than the recipe suggests and still got a really good result…


…then, once the loaves were (sort of) cool, I frosted the tops of them both quite thickly…


…but there was still LOADS of frosting left, so I coated the sides of one of the loaves and then ate a good amount of it out of the bowl. Well, we wouldn’t want to waste it now, would we?!

We picked up some ground coffee from Caffe Nero this morning (£3.25 a bag or £5.50 for two…and you also get a stamp on your Nero loyalty card for each bag you purchase), so we thought we’d give that a try at the same time as taste testing Luke’s cake…


I let the kettle go off the boil before pouring the water over the back of a spoon and onto the coffee (3 heaped tbsp) in the cafetiere. This yeilded quite a dark crema…


Then we let it do it’s standing there and brewing thing while we set up a cake, coffee and cups photoshoot (plunging it at the last minute)…


…and then we poured coffee…


…and inserted cake in our faces…

lou collage

…and it was goooooooood!!

The cake was delicious (hence my weird looking ‘oh my god’ face above) and the coffee was pretty damn awesome too! It wasn’t at all bitter, and tasted much like an Americano from the coffee shop itself. I’d totally recommend it and will definitely be buying it again once we’ve used this batch up.

We’ll be attempting the recipe again too, except maybe with a few changes to the spices, and the addition of the orange zest (if we can find oranges that don’t smell weird)…Luke would also suggest NOT banging the tin/tins on the counter to settle the batter, as he thinks this may have caused our raisins to sink down through the mixture.

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