Another Claw Bites the Dust…

15 Apr

I was playing with Fletch in the garden on the afternoon of our lovely woodland walk, when Luke pointed out that Fletch was bounding around like an idiot and was likely to rip a claw off.

…and that’s when I noticed the blood all over the patio.

Luckily I have taken a first aid course, so while Luke rang the vets I was busy in the garden elevating Fletch’s paw and applying pressure with a tea towel. Our dog is an accident prone little monkey so as well as my first aid qualification, I’ve also got lots of vet wrap and many hours experience of bandaging his feet.

Within a few minutes (a few shouty, stressed minutes that seemed to go on forever) we had him bandaged and in the car on the way to the dog doctor.

Sadly, despite my best efforts to stop him bleeding, walking to the car and into the vets (through Pets At Home) caused his poorly paw to start bleeding again and nothing the vet could do would get it to stop.

...looking very sorry for himself...

…looking very sorry for himself… bandaging skills in action...

…my bandaging skills in action…

She tried her best to stem the flow with Potassium Permanganate so she wouldn’t have to bandage it (saving us money and herself the problem of bandaging our strong, wriggly dog), but it just wasn’t to be. No matter how much she put on him he was still leaving little spots of blood around the room and I wasn’t happy to take him home and have it start gushing again.

Thankfully she didn’t want us to hold him while the bandaging went on like we had all through the examination and the injections (anti-inflammatory and antibiotic) so we got to sit down and worry about him, which was less stressful than having to wrestle with him.

And that was that!

He emerged shortly after wearing a smart bandage and a cone of shame. Poor puppy. Guilty dog-mommy.

...pleased to be going home...and to have daddy in the back seat with him...

…pleased to be going home…and to have daddy in the back seat with him…


...wearing his 'going outside' boot...

…wearing his ‘going outside’ boot…


We shan’t be playing boisterous games in the garden again!



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