I’m Doing This For My Health…No Really…

12 Apr

After my last post about being exhausted ALL THE TIME my friend Enola advised that I try some Iron, B12 and vitamin D supplements to combat the tiredness and the bad taste in my mouth.

Following her advice I went to Holland and Barrett and bought these….



…and I’ve been *trying* to take them regularly ever since. I’m not excelling at this.

To start with, the Floradix – as well as being amusingly named – reminds me of rotten fruit, with a lingering coppery after-taste. Mmmm…blood. It makes me 100% unkeen to take it. You also have to take it 30 minutes before food, and I often don’t remember it until after I’ve eaten. When I eventually do remember it, I usually think “Oh what a SHAME!” and carry on neglecting to have any.

The DLUX is a different story altogether. It’s a handy, easy-to-use spray (it goes under your tongue) and it tastes really pleasantly of peppermint oil…but you have to remember to have five sprays of it during the course of the day. I’m good at remembering it while I’m at work, but rubbish once I’m home/on my days off. It’s Sunday now and the last time I took it was at about 4.30pm on Friday afternoon…well done me.

Despite all that, I AM feeling a bit better, so thank you to Enola for the good advice, and thank you to the vitamins for giving back a little of what my Mini is soaking up! I’m still really tired, but it’s more of a ‘I’m not sleeping’ tiredness than a ‘my body feels like a dead stone that I’m dragging around all day long’ exhaustion.



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