17 Weeks and EXHAUSTED…

30 Mar

Today I’m 17 weeks pregnant…

I’ve gotten past all the rubbishy bits that I wasn’t enjoying (the details of which are destined for another post or two) and I’d even gotten past the awful first trimester exhaustion.

I had energy and motivation. I was getting things done. Okay, so maybe I threw myself into the doing of things with a bit too much enthusiasm, but I’d spent weeks flooping around home and work, dragging myself from one tiring activity to the next…activities like lifting a cup of tea to my face or trying to push a pen across some paper. Or maybe, you know, trying to think about a particularly complicated idea or something.

I couldn’t help throwing myself into life again when I found myself feeling energised at about 14 weeks. I spent a day baking, shopping, sorting, cleaning…it was amazing. I was soooo happy that I could do things again.

Then the next morning I woke up feeling like a truck had hit me. In the face.

And that pattern has continued for the past three weeks.

Energy…activity…sleep…days of exhaustion…

I’m pretty sure that my tiredness is down to the fact that I’m being more active now. Everyone is telling me to take it easy but I’m sick of sitting on my bum while everyone runs around me and my waist gets wider (and not just because I’m pregnant). Maybe the more I do things the more used to it I’ll get? And until then?…


I slept for ten hours last night and still had to have an afternoon nap today.

I also have a weird taste in my mouth that I’ve never had before. I tried drinking a Becks Blue yesterday and it tasted AWFUL. Honey and lemon, and coca cola also left me grimacing…and the least said about black forest gateau the better…

It seems to be a consequence of sugary sweet things, which, for a cake addict like me, is quite upsetting. On the up-side I can still eat spicy gherkins and cheese, so it’s not completely terrible.

I’m hoping the bad taste (and at least some of today’s tiredness) is down to a non-pregnancy related illness. I don’t want to be ill, but I definitely don’t want this horrible taste to be a new phase of pregnancy. I don’t think I can deal with it long term. I need the cake.

As you can probably tell, I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself…

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