Ironic Cravings…

25 Mar

When people find out you’re pregnant one of the first questions they ask is about your cravings.

And when they see you eating something slightly unconventional you get the inevitable “pregnant women eh?!”…to which I usually say “No. I was eating jalapeños/pickles/capers by the jar BEFORE I was pregnant. Actually.”

The thing is, I haven’t really craved anything notable up until recently. Lots of women don’t. Pregnancy cravings are a bit of a stereotype really. Ok, so I’d been putting hot sauce on EVERYTHING (and still am), but I’ve always loved spicy food. Like the pickle addiction, it’s nothing new.

In the first few weeks after we found out about the baby I’d gone off sweets and was eating salads and fruit and all sorts of healthy rubbish…but then every other day I would crave crave CRAVE a Big Mac…or donner kebab and chips…

I think my body just wanted the fat it wasn’t getting.

As soon as I got my sweet tooth back and started more stodge on a day to day basis, I stopped craving anything at all.

And then one day Luke came home with a beer…

Oh my GOD. I wanted it. At that moment I knew what a craving was. It was all I could think about. Beer. Beeeeeeer. BEEEEEEEEEEER.

Thank the stars above that alcohol-free beer is a thing!

Before being pregnant I enjoyed the odd beer but I’d rarely ever finish one, leaving my first bottle to go flat and warm, never wanting a second. When I got my first pack of Becks Blue (0.05%) I downed four of them in ten minutes. It doesn’t even really taste of beer – it’s more like beer flavoured water. But I didn’t care. It was cold, it was fizzy, it smelt of beer. It was heaven in a bottle.

I will admit, when it comes to “weird” cravings beer is an odd one. I’m pregnant. I shouldn’t have it. But that’s probably why I want it.

Tonight I’ve got a bottle of this…



Becks Blue is like lager…a weak imitation of lager. It’s good, but it’s not great.

Brewdog Nanny State Alcohol Free Hoppy Ale is EXACTLY that. Oh my goodness it’s hoppy. It’s perfect. It tastes deliciously beery and it’s just about fizzy enough to satisfy my craving for bubbles.

I know it’s incredibly low alcohol (it’s 0.5%, the same as Shandy Bass), but it tastes so good I feel as if I’m getting drunk. It probably helps that I’m drinking it when I’m really REALLY tired.

It’s a bit more expensive than my usual Becks (£1.29 a bottle from Tesco vs. £3.49 for six bottles of Becks Blue) and I’m sure I’ll still drink A-F lager (especially as it is even lower alcohol than the Brewdog), but it’s infinitely more satisfying when I want a REALLY BEERY beer. Like right now.

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