Why I (Mostly) Have No Faith in G.P.s…Pt.2…

19 Mar

To add to my post of yesterday

I’d been suffering from pain in my hip and leg which I’d thought was my sciatica getting worse (more about that another time), along with some pretty hideous facial eczema, so I called the doctor’s surgery and, although I was in for a good week’s wait for an appointment, I managed to secure an emergency appointment on the basis that I could barely walk.

I didn’t have a lot of choice over who I saw, but I made sure it definitely wasn’t the incompetent dolt doctor I’d seen before Christmas. I went in feeling quite positive that I would get some results. Silly girl.

So! I told him that pregnancy was causing my sciatic pain to get worse and he asked me what I defined as sciatic pain. I told him. He then berated me, made me feel stupid, and told me that I don’t have sciatic pain because it wasn’t travelling down my leg into my foot. Later that night, when my foot went numb, I wished that I had his home number so I could call him and make him feel stupid.

Feeling a little bruised (metaphorically), I then told him of my worry that I might be suffering from SPD, or PGP as it’s now known and he made me feel stupid for that too. All it took was a disparaging look this time.

He told me that I probably needed physio to help with the pain (the not sciatic, not pelvic girdle pain), but that the midwife would probably get me seen quicker than he could. He then gave me a list of numbers that I (that’s me…not him! ME!) could call, along with the instruction that I should ask how long it’d take them to see me if he referred me. Needless to say, all the physios I called seemed very confused that it was me calling them and not him, and they all told me that he should know that if he marked it as urgent I’d get seen by them within three days. Despite this assurance, I decided that he could shove his help up his butt and I would ask my midwife for help, no matter how long it took.

(Actually, as it was, the midwife referred me to the Pelvic Girdle Pain clinic at the hospital and since then I have been diagnosed with SPD/PGP (screw you Dr Naysayer) and they’ve done a lot to help me alleviate the (often debilitating) pain that I was suffering from…thank you midwives!)

Finally…I asked him about something to soothe my sore, dry, itchy eczema…


“That’s not eczema.” said he…”That’s pregnancy acne.”

And then he gave me a prescription for a face wash that isn’t even made anymore and told me to wash my face in VERY HOT water before putting on a non-oily moisturiser.

Okay, so I admit, there IS acne there. I will give him that one. However…had he looked at my face for longer than ten seconds he would have also seen chapped skin so dry that it was actually cracking. Skin that needs oil. Skin that would NOT appreciate being washed in VERY HOT water. So I ignored the pants off him on that one too and oiled my skin up good. I can put up with the acne as long as my face doesn’t feel like a mask of uncomfortableness.

I did not like that doctor.

And that concludes my missives on why I have no faith in GPs, and highlights why I will ONLY go to my midwife for pregnancy related problems from now on. When it comes down to it, GPs are NOT specialists in pregnancy or anything that goes along with it (they’re not specialists in anything really, are they? That’s why they’re called GENERAL practitioners) so they can’t give pregnant women the best advice or the best care.

…I’d just like to add that the doctor I went to see just after I found out I was pregnant was FANTASTIC. She listened, was NICE and very supportive, and she shared in our joy. She didn’t talk down to us or belittle us, and if I ever need to see a doctor at my GPs surgery I will go to her from now on!

Not all doctors are big poopy heads, just MOST of them.


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