Why I have No Faith in G.P.s…

18 Mar

At the start of my pregnancy (when I didn’t know I was pregnant) I developed a UTI that wouldn’t shift using the conventional methods (sachets of salts, cranberry juice, lots of water, etc.)

I decided to visit the doctors, and was so desperate to get better I agreed to have an appointment with a GP really REALLY don’t like. On every visit with her I have been made to feel stupid and told to go away. She just generally doesn’t seem very interested/competent…but as I said, desperate!

My appointment with her went a little like this…

Me: I think I have a urinary infection.

Doc: Have you brought a sample?

Me: (wondering where I was supposed to deposit said sample when this was my first visit) Well, no.

Doc: (annoyed) OH!

Me: I didn’t have a tube. Could I just do one now?

Doc: *SIGH* I suppose you could. 

I depart…and pee…and return…

Doc: *dips a stick in the sample…waits* Nope. It’s fine. You don’t have an infection. *throws the sample in the bin*

Me: Really? But *describes symptoms, including frequent peeing*

Doc: Well, it does sound like an infection. I’ll just do you a prescription for some antibiotics. Take them next week if your symptoms haven’t cleared up by then.

Me: Do you think I could be pregnant?

Doc: You won’t be pregnant.

Me: Could I do a test?

Doc: But I’ve thrown your sample in the bin!

Me: I can see it right there. I’ll get it out for you.

Doc: NO! I’LL DO IT *dips a pregnancy test strip in the retrieved sample, waves it in the air, throws the stick in the bin after two seconds* NOPE! NOT PREGNANT! 

At this point I gathered up my stuff and left, only to go back a few seconds later.

Doc: What now?

Me: The prescription you’ve given me is for a 62 year old MAN called Andrew.

Doc: (laughs a little…not at all bothered) Oh, I must have been looking his notes instead of yours *redoes the prescription*

I honestly couldn’t believe it. I’d have complained right there and then if I hadn’t been so shocked, and I won’t complain now as I’m worried about being struck off their books.

I’ve since found out from my midwife that the idiot doctor should have sent my sample off for testing rather than throwing it away, and she should have let the pregnancy test strip develop for longer than the two seconds she bothered to wait.

I don’t know if the test would have shown anything as I was, at most, a couple of weeks pregnant at that point, but I do feel that she let me down by not even giving the strip time to develop.

I also don’t know what damage would have been caused to my developing baby if I’d have decided to take the antibiotics. There’s not been sufficient studies done, but this website says some worrying things about antibiotics prescribed for UTIs and the damage they might cause to a baby if taken during pregnancy. If I’d have followed her advice I could have been exposing my child to the possibility of birth defects.

As it is, I didn’t even get the prescription filled out…partly because I don’t trust antibiotics, and mostly because I didn’t trust the person that prescribed them to me. Looking back I’m so VERY glad that I didn’t take them…

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