Serial Non-Poster…

01 Mar

Once again I find myself needing to apologise for the lack of content on this site…


And once again, my constant excuse is that life gets in the way…which is a shame considering life makes for pretty juicy blog fodder!

If you’ve read any of my three or four posts from the last, ooh, two years or so, you might have noticed that my ‘co-pilot’ became my hubby. This isn’t just an endearment, it’s actually a thing…

Mr and Mrs <3

Mr and Mrs ❤

Don’t we look pretty?

Not only have we managed to get married since my last significant posting (not including the short burst of posts last summer), but we have also had a wedding anniversary.

Oh, and I’m pregnant!…we’ve been busy…

As I enter my second trimester I’m making a vow to revive this blog – to document our life, rather than letting it get in the way of my writing. You can think of it more as one girl, her husband, their baby…and a camper van! I’m looking forward to the chance to catch up with myself, to post about our adventures and exploits, and to share the miracles of being ‘with child’. That is to say, I’ll be joyously uploading pictures of our holidays, days out, and our wedding, whilst writing horrifying accounts of my acne and flatulence.

Wish me luck…

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