Old Red Will Ride Again!…

27 Jul

A year on from our Barefoot/seaside adventures, and poor Old Red has been off road for 12 months. Life has gotten in the way again, and we’re both feeling bad for our neglect, but we’re putting a stop to it!

Today has been…VAN DAY!

We got quite drunk last night and slept most of the day away, but that didn’t stop us!

We’ve been scrubbing and spraying and sorting…

Mouldy mattresses...again...

Mouldy mattresses…again…

I'm coming to get you Spores!...

I’m coming to get you Spores!…

Washing off all the green...

Washing off all the green…


Despite all the work, we’ve still got a MASSIVE to-do list…but now we can at least go inside the van without tripping over crap, touching something greasy, or breathing in spores. Which is nice!

Let the vanning and the blogging recommence 🙂

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