Meeting People…

28 Sep

I’m a tour guide in my everyday life, working in one of the Shakespeare Houses in Stratford Upon Avon. On average, we see around 300 people a day, and so I’m lucky enough to get to meet some really interesting people.

Last Friday (20th) I got chatting to Val and Duncan, a lovely couple who were passing through Stratford in their converted ambulance campervan! I got very excited when they started talking campervans, and even more excited when they told me that they live in rural France.

I told them that they are living my dream…and they told me they are living their dream too.

I must admit, I have a few reservations about my desire to roll around France in a campervan (and possibly settle there…), but after chatting with Val and Duncan I felt positively inspired! They had so much advice and encouragement for me, and I absolutely loved chatting with them. I’ve given them the address of this blog so they can have a read, and I’ve implored them to write one of their own so that I can read about their adventures.

Thanks to Val and Duncan for totally making my day!

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