Serves Me Right…

05 Aug

When I eventually got round to tackling the mould I was rewarded with a surprise cache of alcohol that I’d left in Red’s fridge. This trove amounted to four cans of rum, lime and ginger (a Morrisons own cocktail) and a pint bottle of Crabbies, all of which had survived from my very first trip out in Red at the start of June 2012, one year earlier.

Without a thought towards the age of the bottles, nor the fact that the drinks had been heated and cooled each day, I revelled in my find…

…until I opened a can of rum, lime and ginger and guzzled half of it in one go.

It did NOT taste good. Far from it in fact. Those cans expired in December 2012…

The Crabbies bottle told me it was good for another month, but my (now churning) stomach told me to empty it down the sink and place the bottle into the recycling bin where its lies would be muffled by cardboard sleeves.

Serves me right I guess…I got exactly what I deserved for my latent neglect…


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