The Death of an SD Card…

03 Aug

I was being a good girlfriend/roadie recently and taking about a zillion pictures of Luke and his (as yet, unnamed) band as they practiced a few weeks ago, when a funny little icon appeared on my phone screen. It looked like a lightning bolt, and it sat where thumbnails of my images should be sitting.

“Hmmmm…” I thought, as I turned off my phone and unmounted my SD card…

“Hmmm indeed…” I thought again, as I opened my phone’s gallery to see if the pictures had reappeared…

“EXPLETIVE…” I said out loud as I realised that my SD card may as well have been on the moon for all my phone knew about where it was…all my photos from the past few months have vanished without any hope of getting them back…

And so, that is the reason why most of the following blog posts will mostly be boring and devoid of the (amazingly fascinating) pictures that I had planned to pepper them with. I am very sad 😦


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