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On the Road Again…

It’s been a looong time since I wrote on here…and an even longer time since Old Red was declared SORN…and even longer still since my last proper trip out in him (driving him back and forth between my house and the garage doesn’t count!)…

He’s finally back on the road, in all senses of the phrase. He has tax (whoop!), he has a valid MOT (whoop whoop!), the mould has been fought into submission (extreme super whoop!) and the Old boy has been treated to a jet wash.

This weekend we were supposed to be travelling to France to revisit my cousin and her husband on the anniversary of their wedding but we have had to revise that plan as Red was still in the garage up until last night. In lieu of travelling overseas, we’ve got a more local adventure planned. This will be my first trip out with my new co-pilot (and boyfriend), Luke.

Barefoot Festival, here we come!

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