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20 Jan

Fletch hasn’t had a very good time of things recently (more about that another time) and he’s started going to a new vets. We weren’t happy with the old vets (more on THAT another time too!) so we’ve moved him to Companion Care, which is located inside our local branch of Pets At Home. For some people, this might not be ideal, but it’s great for us…Fletch loves going into the pet shop (he gets to meet other dogs and menace the giant bunnies) so he doesn’t get scared or shake uncontrollably, and we can pick up all the extra bits we need at the same time.

It’s also good because while we’re waiting for the vet to see him, he can try on all the clothes!! He’s now the proud owner of a rather smart parka…

"Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine" Fletch channels the Gallagher brothers...

“Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine” Fletch channels the Gallagher brothers…

I’ve always wanted to buy him a coat but not really seen the point (afterall, he’s wearing a fur coat ALL THE TIME), but now the snow has come down – and while he’s accompanying us on our 6am jaunts to Birmingham – I’m glad that he’s got this to keep him warm and dry.

He looks cute too 🙂


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