The White Stuff…

19 Jan

I’m not a big fan of snow.

I mean…I AM…I actually love it. I love it when the world is all black and white, and I love the peace and quiet that it brings. What I don’t love is the way our country seems to come to a stand still.

Yesterday was my day off, but I was still on taxi duty as Luke had to get into work for 6am (poor Luke…poor taxi driver). At that time of the morning the roads were icy, but not too snowy. Unfortunately it wasn’t the same story a few hours later when I set out to pick him up…

After getting stuck in two massive traffic jams, finding my way onto an endless bus route (all the signs/road markings were covered with snow), sliding into a bus and smashing up New Silver’s bumper, I managed to make my way out of Redditch on a fairly quiet country road. I got stuck in ANOTHER traffic jam (people are hideously selfish and were blocking roundabouts whilst resolutely NOT letting people out of junctions) and eventually, two and a half hours later I’d made it halfway to my destination. Luckily, some of the trains were still running, so Lukey-boy had to hop on a train and meet me in Kings Norton.

Today I’m in work (why???) because the roads weren’t bad enough to keep me home, but I’m leaving as soon as it looks like the sky might start falling on our heads. The weather reports say that it’s going to snow again later…and tomorrow…so I’m rather glad that Luke doesn’t have to go to work, and rather hoping that I don’t have to either!

The view of the Guild Chapel and The Falcon from the parlour window at Nash's House

The view of the Guild Chapel and The Falcon from the parlour window at Nash’s House

At least Stratford-upon-Avon is pretty today! It makes leaving the warm comfort of home a little less painful…

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