Happy 2013! (better late than never)…

10 Jan

Hello! And happy 2013 to anyone who may stumble across this!

So, it’s back to the writing board for me…

I started this blog with the best of intentions, but life kind of got in the way towards the end of last year. I’m sad that I didn’t get more time (and inspiration) to write interesting blog posts that would have helped build my readership, but honestly? I’d rather be living my life than writing about it, so I’m not going to berate myself too much!

Instead, I’m starting out afresh (again) and I have a few half-written pieces in the pipeline, as well as a few reviews and photo-entries that could keep readers busy for a few weeks or so. I’m not promising a new entry every day (far from it), but I am promising myself that I’ll be more proactive when it comes to my spare time. I’ll do less reading of the Daily Mail (it’s tripe, but it’s delicious tripe) and more writing of my own…and if those derivative hacks can entertain me, then I’m sure I can entertain you!


The picture header for my site has disappeared! It’s been gone a while now but I can’t fathom why. The code all looks fine and the image is still securely on my server, but it doesn’t appear at the top of the page any more. A “friend” helped me make the header and add it to the page, and has since fallen out with me, so perhaps the death of our friendship is the reason for the death of my header? Who knows…either way, apologies for the big blank void!

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