Collapsible Camping Accessories…

04 Nov

I use Iwantoneofthose quite a lot for gifts/inspiration, and while doing a spot of Christmas shopping this afternoon I found these in their ‘Camping Gadgets’…

Collapsible Cooking Pot (click to see product in new tab)

They’re made of stainless steel and silicone, they hold 3.8 litres, an they fold down to about 55mm high. They’re not cheap (£39.99), but at the moment I have two small saucepans and am already struggling for space. I plan to do a LOT more cooking in the wild next year so one of these pots is definitely going onto my email to Santa this year!

As well as the cooking pot, you can also get…

Collapsible Washing Up Bowl (click to see product in new tab)

A washing up bowl for £24.99 that would be useful for all sorts of things besides washing up…I mean, it’s got a 7.5 litre capacity so you could probably make the mother of all vodka jellies in that thing.

Red has a little double sink, complete with tap and water pump, but neither of the sinks are very deep and it’s much more pleasant to wash up outside. This silicone bowl looks like it might be a bit sturdier to use than the foldable fabric kind, but it is a lot more expensive.

They also sell…

Collapsible Kettle (click to see product in new tab)

I’ve got a little whistling kettle that holds about the same amount of water as this collapsible kettle, and although it doesn’t take up a lot of room in the cupboards, the handle does make it difficult to get out of the cupboard (especially when the back seat is in bed-mode and the cupboard door doesn’t open fully) and it does have a habit of getting in the way when I’m trying to fish out saucepans or the chopping board. Again, this is another expensive product, and at £29.99 it’s three times what I paid for my kettle. I would be interested to see how sturdy it is, and if it folds as you’re trying to pour from it.

The last collapsible wonder from IWOOT is…

Collapsible Pet Bowl (click to see product in new tab)

For £12.99 you get a 1.6 litre pet bowl that folds down to 4cm high, and I’m fairly certain that it’d be lighter than the big ceramic bowls Fletch drinks out of at the moment. I’ve got a foldable fabric bowl for him that I take walking, but it’s quite small and he doesn’t really seem to like it. It’s also rather hard to clean and you can’t ever seem to rinse it out well enough. I’ll definitely be getting a couple of these ready for when I’m brave enough to take Fletch out in the van!

All in all, these four products come to over £100 if you want to buy the lot (and I do…) and there’s other products in the range that IWOOT don’t stock at the moment, like a collapsible bucket (VERY useful…I’m always moving my bucket around the van and cursing it when it leaves muddy rings) and funnel (also very useful), but there are other sites you can find these products on. For the most part, the cooking pot, kettle and bowls are very similar prices to IWOOT, but I’ve found a seller on Amazon who has the washing up bowl, kettle, bucket and a coffee filter contraption for a very reasonable price…

Collapsible Camp Set from The Friendly Lifestyle Store (click to see product in new tab)

Considering the kettle and washing up bowl come to around £55 together, this set is amazing value. I may not bother emailing Santa…I might just buy myself an early Christmas present before they’re all sold out!


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2 responses to “Collapsible Camping Accessories…

  1. sariofthepie

    November 5, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    You can get a collapsible colander from Home Bargains for £1 or so 🙂


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