France Pt.4 – Fougères…

28 Oct

We may have decided to forego Paris and Versailles during our recent trip to France, but that didn’t mean that we were going to spend the whole time sitting round in the sunshine, drinking coffee or wine, and stuffing our faces with croque-monsiuer. We wanted to do that most of the time…but not all of the time. In a bid to experience some local culture, we spent a lovely Monday afternoon exploring the castle at Fougères with our cousins Rhiannon and Genevieve.

Genevieve, Rhiannon and Steph

After a quick mooch around the ville, we collected our tickets and a little map, and made our way inside the castle walls. They had some handy little audio guides that we could borrow to take around with us, but they started failing after a certain point and so weren’t anywhere near as helpful as they first appeared. The narrator’s voice was incredibly dull too, so most of the time I got rather fed up of waiting for him to say something vaguely interesting. The idea was nice though…you follow the map and when you get to certain points you type a number into your audio-guide, which then starts telling you what you’re looking at…or translating a video…or similar. It was just a shame that it seemed to lose signal to the main server as we ventured further around the walk.

The castle has some incredibly tall towers, and although Steph is pretty fearless, I’m a serious sissy when it comes to heights and spiral staircases. Luckily, Gen is as fearless and Steph, and Rhi was more than happy to keep me company, so we skulked around on the lower battlements (avoiding the murder holes) and waited to see them appear at the top of the tallest tower.

Steph and Gen at the top of the tallest tower (I think you can just make them out)…

The fearless two in close-up! (Gen is taking a picture of me taking a picture of her…)

Eventually, after Rhi’s endless pleading that she “needed a crepe” (it just gets funnier every time I say it), we decided it was time to head back into the ville for a bite to eat and a spot of touristy shopping.

Fougères is well worth a visit if you happen to be passing nearby (and it’s even worth a detour if you’re not). It’s a beautiful town and the castle is reasonably priced considering that you get a (semi-working) audio guide as well as lots of interesting displays about the history of the castle and the battles between the French and the Bretons (which was quite a poignant part of our trip). The town has a few nice places to eat and drink (especially if all you want is a pancake smothered in chocolate sauce and ice cream!), and it’s very pretty if you have the time to wander round and enjoy the scenery.

I took LOADS of photographs of our day trip, which is why Fougères gets a write-up all of it’s very own. Enjoy!

Steph, Gen and Rhi outside the castle walls

Posing outside my favourite little tower!

The moat and some pretty pretty bee-attracting flowers

Going in!!!

Saint-Léonard church (I think!) as seen from Fougères (and as overlooked by pigeons!)

Inside the castle walls

The tumble-down croft (and Saint-Léonard church in the background)

Venturing up onto the battlements…

Tallest tower (again) and the Goblin tower (wonderful name!)…

…my memory fails me for this little church…

Steph proving her fearlessness once again, while we all elected to stay safely on the battlements!

Moody tower…taken while we waited for Steph to stop dangling out of windows!

A wonderful way to end a wonderful afternoon! Orangina (in a glass bottle) and a delightfully decadent dessert! Poached pears, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and LOTS of whipped cream!

COMING SOON: France – Looking Back

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